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18 Saturday Sister Plans That’ll Beat The Winter Blues

Don’t let the cold stop you from hanging with your number one since day one.

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When it's too cold outside, there’s always zero urge to get out from underneath your warm blanket and get off the couch to do anything. If you have a sister who has been your number one since day one, you know she’s just about the only person who could make you roll out of your cozy bed. Your sis may be your go-to partner for any adventure. She makes every situation so much more fun, even if it's a simple plan of watching your fave movies at home on a Friday night. However, you may be looking for unique things to do with your sister in the winter to change it up.

The snowfall and chilly weather is only here for a little bit longer, so it's a great time to seize the season with as many winter activities as possible. That means snow tubing, cozy bonfires, and taking some prime sister Instas together in a winter wonderland. With some creative planning, you can put a sisterly spin to it all and make it special.

If you're experiencing a major brain freeze, this list of 18 winter activities that you can do with your sis should have you covered. Fill up the rest of your weekends with snow much fun that will guarantee to last you until it all melts away.

Skate And Sip
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Ice skating and hot chocolate are two must-dos for the winter, but why not combine them? Mix up some of your very own hot chocolate at home, or stop by Starbucks to try out a new flavor. Then, sip away as you ice skate together in the park or a local rink. Wear your cutest puffer or winter coat and snap a few super cute IG pics.

Get Down At Night Snow Tubing

Snow tubing can make for a tubular time with your sis, but it's fun to change it up by going tubing after hours. Some places offer glow tubing at night for something totally different. The slopes are lit — literally — with neon-colored lights.

Start Planning A Sunny Summer Road Trip

If you and your sister are summer lovers, you're both probably counting down the days until the warm weather and sunshine are here. Take time on a cozy winter afternoon to get prepped for your fave season by planning out a road trip together. Nail down an epic agenda, making a stop at different dream destinations.

Get Blowouts With Champagne

In the winter, it's an added chore to have to wash your hair. Adding blow drying to the mix — unless you want to freeze every time you step outside — is definitely an extra 15 minutes, at least. That's why a blowout is one of those necessary "treat yourself" kinds of things in the winter. Schedule an appointment at a nice blowout bar for your sister with an added luxurious treat of champagne (if you're 21 or up).

Treat Yourselves To A Special Dinner For Two
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As two fabulous sisters, you deserve a night just to celebrate your special bond. If you follow scrumptious foodie accounts that you want to check out, pick a cool new place and make a reservation. It'll be a fun, fancy dinner night for two.

Have A Girls' Night In Fondue Party

Make use of your slow cooker by turning it into a fondue pot. Heat up either cheese or chocolate depending on your preference, and have your very own party. Don't forget to snap a pic of your spread, because you'll want to fon-due it for the 'Gram.

Have A Nostalgia-Filled Sleepover In A Blanket Fort
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If the nostalgia is all too real for you two, you'll want to have a hang like the good old days. Get cozy by building a blanket tent in your living room. Then, bring out the popcorn and have a movie night watching some of your fave classics from when you were kids like The Lion King or Clueless.

Have A DIY Night Making Yourselves Cozy Winter Wear

Sometimes, it's fun to stay in and get crafty, so plan a DIY night at home with your sister. Crochet an infinity scarf to wear for the rest of the winter, or knit a blanket to keep you warm. Either way, you're spending time with your sis and creating something you will love and enjoy.

Have A Sibling Cookie Bake-Off
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You have to admit, there's usually always some sort of sibling rivalry between sisters. Use that friendly competition to host your very own cookie bake-off. Whip up something sweet from your own recipes, and see who wins the title of best cookie maker. The best part will be the taste test.

Have S'more Fun At A Toasty Bonfire

The winter is the best time to build yourself a cozy bonfire. Don't forget the essentials like chocolate, marshmallows, and graham crackers. The glow of the fire provides great lighting for a sister selfie, so don't forget to snap one together, and caption it with, "Everything's s'more fun with you."

Sign Up For A Cupcake Decorating Class

A cooking class is always a fun idea, but this winter, you're craving something sweet. Places like Magnolia Bakery in New York offer private cake and cupcake icing classes. That way you can become a pro worthy of joining The Great British Bake Off.

Go Walking In A Winter Wonderland To Take Snaps For The 'Gram

If most of your Instagram feed is filled with sweater selfies and hot cocoa pics, it may be fun to switch it up. Plan a photo shoot day as you walk around a local park. Your sis may be the only one you trust to take the best snaps for the 'Gram, and you do the same for her.

Go Indoor Rock Climbing
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It may be too cold for a lot of outdoor activities, so why not do them inside? Find an indoor climbing gym where you and your sis can climb a ton of different walls at all different levels. If you're worried you won't be good, it doesn’t matter because trying something new will be well worth it.

Channel 'Frozen' And Ask Your Sis, "Do You Want To Build A Snowman?"
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Just like Anna and Elsa from Frozen, have a little winter fun by building a snowman. Get creative with it like Lorelai and Rory did in Gilmore Girls when they made a Björk snowman, or just go with something simple. Either way, you need to take a pic together with your creation, and pair it with the perfect caption, like, "Having a chill day with my sis."

Hit Up A New Bar For Cocktails And Trivia

There are more than a few bars with fun wintry menus that you and your sis can check out. If you're in New York City, stop by the Industry Kitchen for a shareable "frozen peppermint slide" cocktail, or the Arlo SoHo for their Arlo Artica pop-up. Find a place that has both Instagram-worthy cocktails and a trivia night for the ultimate sister hang.

Head To The Mall For Some Shopping
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Whether you want to get some holiday shopping done or buy a few new items for yourself, head to your local mall for the best sister bonding activity out there. Try on fun dresses, cute shoes, and cozy sweaters for the winter season. The best part is your sis will help you decide what to buy!

Get Matching Mani Pedis

Nothing screams having a day out with your sister quite like a spa day. Head to the nearest nail salon for manicures and pedicures. You’ll be warm inside as you get the spa treatment you both need to feel pampered. Sit back, relax, and read your favorite magazine for a couple hours. Get matching winter colors (think red or light blue) to top off this fun sister activity.

Host A Brunch At Home
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Just because it’s winter doesn’t mean you can’t brunch. You and your sister should host a Sunday morning brunch at home with your closest gal pals, winter edition. Decorate the table with fresh wintery flowers and serve warm coffee, pastries, and fruit. If you want to make it extra cozy, make it a pajama brunch party and play some holiday tunes.

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