A young woman holds macrame plant hangings from TikTok.
TikTokers Are Showing How To Make Macrame Plant Hangings For Your Best Buds

Adriana Duduleanu / EyeEm/EyeEm/Getty Images

The mesmerizing corner of TikTok known as #crafttok is now filled with macrame plant hangings. Like photo garland, bendy candles, cloud walls, and sage green coasters, this craft trend will make your space feel so dreamy, and the TikTok tutorials are super easy to follow along with. To get acquainted with this crafting fad, you'll want to watch these macrame plant hanging TikToks that are knot your average DIY tutorials.

The stunning videos are created by talented TikTokers who have mastered this art form and also put their own spins on them. Some videos feature more approachable designs that beginners and experts alike could recreate with just a rope and a hot glue gun, or a wooden ring and a bunch of cord. Other videos go beyond the popular types of macrame knots — square, spiral, and gathering knots — to create Bohemian-looking macrame plant hanging TikToks with added embellishments such as sequins.

After watching these TikToks, you can order supplies to create your own macrame design. You can hang a wooden ring from a hook and begin to separate strands of cord or rope to create your own series of knots. The designs are endless, and the fun begins with these macrame plant hanging TikToks that'll leave you in awe.

A DIY Craft You Can Complete In Minutes

Let's start with this simple macrame craft on TikTok. This plant hanger by @hgtvhandmade uses one rope and a hot glue gun. The TikToker gently folds the rope, adds a touch of glue, and then places their plant over the glue. After gathering your supplies, you'll be able to conquer this DIY in just a few minutes.

A Tutorial That's Easy To Follow Along With

Macrame is an art form, so it can take some practice to master. However, once you learn the different types of knots — aka spiral, square, and gathering knots — then you're ready to DIY an adorable plant hanger. This tutorial by TikToker @kn0tty_by_nature is a basic step-by-step guide that you can easily follow once you've done a bit of macrame work.

A Series Of Pro Tips You'll Want To Listen To

Whether you're new to making macrame plant hangers or are the queen of crafting, it's important to have some pro tips on hand. TikToker @handandhome.macrame posted a video that you'll want to listen to over and over again. It breaks down the importance of using a strong wooden ring and long gathering knots, and distancing the knots properly.

A Sparkly Piece That'll Glow In The Sunlight

This sparkly hanging by @tangleddreamsco is certainly stunning and will glow if it's placed in a sunny spot. Although it might take a bit of extra time to make, the result shows how far you can really take this trend in home decor.

A Full Guide To Making A New Home For Your Plant

If you're not sure where to start on your DIY craft, then watch this video from @simplyfrayed that covers the entirety of your macrame plant hanging project. It starts with wrapping the rope around itself, then tying the strands into three sections. You will get the gist of it in no time.