The 4 Most Protective Crystals Will Start Your New Year Off With Good Vibes Only

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Let's be honest: Who can resist crystals? They're some of Mother Nature's most gorgeous creations, and even if you don't connect to them spiritually, I bet you still feel captivated by their beauty. The way that crystals can benefit your life are truly endless, but personally, I rely on them for protection most of all. It's time that you harness their ability to keep you safe from negative energy, so let me tell you what I think the most protective crystals are.

Crystals are incredibly high-vibration and they have the power to help you open up your psychic channels, inspire you to be more courageous, and heal from emotional trauma. You can meditate with them, adorn your home with them, or wear them in order to feel their sparkling influence in your life. As for me, I always wear a black tourmaline bracelet whenever I enter a major social situation. Being an empath by nature, I'm especially susceptible to absorbing people's energy and taking it home with me. When I'm wearing such a protective crystal, I sense this happening to me so much less, and I can't help but notice the stark difference in how I feel when I'm not wearing it.

Even though these crystals are naturally protective, it's important that you cleanse them regularly to keep their energies pure. You can sage them with sacred smoke, leave them out in the sun for a few hours, or soak them in saltwater. Like you, crystals require tender, loving care.

Black Tourmaline


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With its gorgeously ridged patterns, black tourmaline is constantly cleansing you of psychic residue and protecting you from negative influences. Anxious thoughts, self-doubt, and energy erosion are nowhere near the impressive power that black tourmaline possesses. If you're especially sensitive to your surroundings and other people's vibrations, you'll want as much black tourmaline in your life as you can get. Wear it as jewelry, keep it near your bed, and leave some in your car. Tell me you don't notice a difference.

Black Obsidian

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I think of black obsidian like an intense psychic cleanse. It's like bleach for your chakras, eliminating deep-seated negativity. It's shiny and glossy black glass appearance is enigmatic for a reason, because nothing can get past its overwhelming psychic barrier. However, black obsidian is more than just a psychic detox. It also shows you the truth that lies in your soul. Meditating with black obsidian can give you some much needed clarity on how you can transform your own life. However, wearing it or keeping it close is just as powerful.

Smoky Quartz


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When you're not feeling grounded is when you're in a spiritually unprotected place. You let people's actions affect your peace, you're easily confused, and you may feel forgetful or scatterbrained. When in this vulnerable position, smoky quartz can be your go-to crystal. It grounds your spirit and pulls you right back down to earth. It balances and focuses the connection between your mind, body, and soul, pulling together the armor that you already carry within.



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While pyrite may also be known as "fool's gold," its power is by no means a joke, so don't underestimate its ability to transform your life. When you keep pyrite close, your spirit and mental outlook is continuously being reinforced by earthen magic. You're at your strongest state when you're in touch with your physicality and rooted in the earth, and pyrite always helps you walk with the power of our planet. With its heavy weight in your hand, you are weighed back down, right where you're in charge.

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