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3 Zodiac Signs Will Feel So Much Pressure On Thanksgiving

Astrology might explain why you’re feeling less than thankful this year.

Anyone who’s familiar with the concept of family knows that, sometimes, your relatives can be a bit much. You share an entire history together and just because you’re part of the same family doesn’t mean you’re automatically going to get along smoothly. This is just one of the many reasons why the holidays can be more stressful than you’d expect. In fact, the astrology surrounding this year’s Thanksgiving might bring forth more chaos than what is ideal. If you’re one of the zodiac signs who will have the worst Thanksgiving 2021 — Taurus, Virgo, and Aquarius — then you might see more negatives than positives.

With the moon in flashy and domineering Leo during this year’s Thanksgiving on Nov. 25, everyone might act like a total diva. Leo tends to make everyone feel more stubborn about their opinions and just as passionate about defending them, which can set a complicated mood at the table. Plus, the moon will square off with aggressive and combative Mars, making everyone feel touchy and prepared to defend themselves if they feel they’ve been wronged. The moon will also square off with unpredictable Uranus, which can skew even the most carefully laid plans. Like a bland cherry on top, the moon will be involved in an opposition with rigid and inhibiting Saturn, making it even more difficult to express yourself in a compassionate way.

Luckily, it’s not all bad. The moon in Leo will also form a trine with the sun in Sagittarius, which is the perfect alignment for some fire sign shenanigans and good old-fashioned fun. Here’s how the following zodiac signs can make the best of it:


Taurus: You May Feel Like You’ve Changed A Lot In Recent Years

Ever since innovative Uranus entered Taurus a few years ago, you’ve probably undergone some major changes. You may have embraced your independence on a more intrinsic level and tapped into what sets you apart from others. With the moon in your fourth house of home and family during Thanksgiving, you may be searching for a sense of comfort and familiarity. As this moon squares off with Uranus in Taurus, you may feel like these changes you’ve made are conflicting with the expectations your loved ones have for you. Be patient, but don’t feel the need to hide your true self just to appease others.

Virgo: You Might Be Craving More Alone Time During This Holiday

Thanksgiving is a holiday that’s centered on togetherness and socializing. However, the moon will be in your 12th house of solitude and spirituality this year, which may leave you looking at the clock and wondering when it would be too soon to excuse yourself from the party and go home. During this year’s Thanksgiving, you might feel extra sensitive to external stimuli, especially if it feels like that stimuli is triggering you in a very emotional way. If you feel overwhelmed, don’t feel bad about finding little moments to breath and take care of yourself. After all, your mental health always comes first.

Aquarius: You Might Feel Like Your Relationships Are Being Tested

Thanksgiving may seem like it’s all about eating good food and enjoying a day off from work, but it’s really centered on your relationships. This year, your relationships may be what’s stressing you out the most, especially since the moon will be transiting your seventh house of partnerships, increasing your desire to connect with others. However, the moon will also be opposing Saturn in Aquarius, which could make it feel like seeing eye to eye with your loved ones is harder than usual. If it feels like something is standing in the way of a smooth connection, know that the feeling is only temporary.