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12 Ted Lasso Ugly Holiday Sweaters That Roy Kent Would Love To See Under His Tree

If you “believe” in the holiday season, you’ve got to check these out.

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‘Tis the season to turn on some holiday episodes of your favorite TV series for a little rewatch with some hot cocoa in hand. If you jumped on the Ted Lasso bandwagon this year, chances are you’ve worked the Apple TV+ show’s Season 2 holiday episode into the rotation this year. After all, it was everything you’d expect from a Ted Lasso Christmas with plenty of delightful moments with all your favorite characters. For your next holiday party, all you need are one of these Ted Lasso ugly Christmas sweaters for 2021 to channel Roy Kent, Dani Rojas, and even Ted himself during the merriest time of the year.

Not only is a Ted Lasso ugly Christmas sweater a unique and LOL-worthy choice to wear to your holiday parties, but it’s also a great gift to get your AFC Richmond-loving bestie. Between shops like Etsy and Hot Topic, there are a ton of different festive designs to choose from depending on which character (and quotes from Ted Lasso) you want to call out. If you’re a Roy Kent stan, you’ll definitely want to drop a few F-bombs when you see the LOL-worthy Ted Lasso ugly Christmas sweaters with his scowling face on the front.

Of course, there are plenty of Ted Lasso holiday sweaters that’ll inspire you to believe in the holiday season with the iconic “believe” sign. Plus, let’s not forget the sweetest design featuring Rebecca’s shortbread biscuits. Pretty much, if you’re a fan of Ted Lasso, you’ll want to check out these ugly Christmas sweaters for 2021 for a pick you’ll want to add to your wishlist.

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This Ted Lasso “Believe” Sweatshirt

As far as Ted Lasso Christmas sweaters go, this is a classic you cannot deny. It has Ted’s face right on the front wearing an adorable Santa hat along with “believe” written on top. There’s also little soccer balls mixed in with gingerbread men and Christmas trees to really showcase both your holiday spirit and love of Ted Lasso.

This “Tiny Dancer” Ugly Christmas Sweater

You may recognize this iconic quote from the Ted Lasso Christmas episode. It’s from when Ted finds out Rebecca is invited to Elton John’s annual holiday party. So, what better sweater to wear while rewatching the episode than this adorable crewneck from Etsy?

This Blue Ted Lasso Ugly Christmas Sweatshirt

For a vibrant ugly Christmas sweater that’s sure to standout in your holiday photos, get this baby blue Ted Lasso design from The WB Shop. It even features soccer balls and the AFC Richmond greyhound in the pattern along with a sket of Ted and his mustache right on the front.

This Biscuits Ugly Christmas Sweater

Enjoy some biscuits with the boss, thanks to this adorable ugly Christmas sweater from Hot Topic. It has the iconic shortbread cookies on the front that Ted makes for Rebecca, making it perfect for your foodie friend. You may even want to give them a few homemade shortbread cookies along with this sweater for the ultimate Christmas gift.

This Blue “Believe” Ugly Christmas Sweater

This Ted Lasso Christmas sweater comes in three different colors, and two of them are blue shades to match the AFC Richmond uniforms. The design is a traditional ugly sweater pattern with details from the show. For instance, the top row has some little green army men like the ones that Ted gifts to people.

This Roy Kent Ugly Christmas Sweater

Roy Kent — and even Brett Goldstein — can’t help but to drop a few F-bombs here and there. It’s what makes Roy Kent and his forever scowl so lovable. For the Kent fan in your life, get them this simple yet hilarious Christmas sweater that says just what Roy is thinking.

This Santa Ted Ugly Christmas Sweater

For a simple yet festive Ted Lasso Christmas sweater, this one from Etsy is perfect. It features a jolly Ted on the front wearing a Santa hat with a positive thumbs up. It’ll be sure to give off the same good vibes you feel watching an episode of Ted Lasso whenever you wear it to a holiday party or just out to do some Christmas present shopping.

This Patterned Ted Lasso Ugly Christmas Sweater

This cute patterned Ted Lasso Christmas sweater will look super adorable with a colorful collared shirt underneath. Of course, if you’re looking for a sweater that’s more colorful itself, this crewneck comes in red or green as well. You could even get matching sweaters for you and your entire family to wear on Christmas morning.

This “Believe” Sign Ugly Christmas Sweater

After watching Season 2, you’ll be happy to see the Ted Lasso “believe” sign perfectly intact on this holiday Christmas sweater. It even has a super cute Santa hat on it to give it that festive touch. While the forest green color is great for the season, you can also get this crewneck in a bunch of different shades like maroon, navy, and mauve.

This Dani Rojas Ugly Christmas Sweater

If Dani Rojas is your favorite Ted Lasso character, you’ll love this sweater featuring a sketch of him in a Santa hat. It even has a holiday take on his popular quote, “fútbol is life.” The positivity in this sweatshirt is just what you need to spread tons of holiday cheer.

This Traditional Ted Lasso Ugly Christmas Sweater

If you’re looking for a traditional ugly Christmas sweater for 2021 with patterns all over, you’ll want to get this one from G-Style USA. It’s the perfect mix of Ted Lasso and the holidays with an encouraging drawing of Ted on the front. It’s also great cozy wear for the next time you’re cuddling with your partner on the couch, watching TV, and drinking tea — aka “hot, brown water.”

This Roy Kent Bloody Ugly Christmas Sweater

Wish everyone a happy holidays the only way Roy Kent knows how to by wearing this hilarious holiday sweater from Etsy. It not only has some sassy well wishes on the front, but it also boasts a drawing of Roy Kent’s face as well. When shopping, you even have the option to personalize this sweatshirt to make it even more of a one-of-a-kind gift to get your Ted Lasso-loving bestie.

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