Brett Goldstein attending the 2021 Emmys where he won gave a bleeped out speech.

Brett Goldstein Was Peak Roy Kent In His Emmys Acceptance Speech

The Ted Lasso star was bleeped multiple times... and he did not care.

Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

The 2021 Emmys started off with a bang for fans of Apple TV+ series Ted Lasso. The second award of the evening went to Brett Goldstein for his role as Roy Kent in the comedy series, but why was Brett Goldstein bleeped at the 2021 Emmys? While he was “specifically told not to swear” during his acceptance speech, it wouldn’t be a proper homage to his foul-mouthed character without a few curse words here and there.

In fact, after admitting that he was told to keep it PG for the live show, Goldstein immediately started cursing and the broadcast’s audio cut out for viewers at home. While the audio eventually came back just in time for Goldstein to thank his team and fellow Ted Lasso nominees, many people at home were still wondering what they missed at the beginning. Many fans even went directly to Twitter to see if anyone had a clip of the uncensored version. One user tweeted “Gonna need the un-bleeped version of [Brett Goldstein’s] speech for… reasons.” According to one user, Goldstein’s speech began with “Oi!, and then [was] completely beeped out except for several mentions of wankers, which the U.S. censor does not understand.”

While the CBS broadcast was unable to air Goldstein’s full speech, viewers at home started demanding an uncensored clip be posted online by tweeting out things like, “Ok now where’s the uncensored version of [Brett Goldstein’s] speech?” Other viewers were also asking around for any “lip readers” to help crack the code of what Goldstein had said. It turns out what Goldstein actually said after admitting that he had to reel in the F-bombs was, “So this speech is going to be f***ing short,” according to The Wrap. What a perfect Roy Kent response.

Following the first F-bomb, Goldstein then reportedly followed that up with a series of expletives before cleaning things up. However, that wasn’t the only time the audio cut out for Goldstein. After giving praise to his castmates who made him “sick, [because] they're so good,” his loved ones, and the show’s creators including Jason Sudeikis, Goldstein finished off his speech just how he started with another bleeped out sentence. According to The Wrap, Goldstein’s final words were, “Well this is the f***ing icing on the cake,” referring to his Emmy trophy.

While fans couldn’t hear exactly what he was saying, it was evident from Goldstein’s Ted Lasso castmates, Emmy-winner Hannah Waddingham and Juno Temple, that the speech was one to remember. One Twitter user even noted that their hilarious reactions were “perfect and adorable.”

The first-time Emmy winner revealed backstage after his win that the moment “was all a blur” and he didn’t “know what [he] said,” according to The Wrap. He did stumble a bit in his acceptance speech, saying it was a “privilege” to work on the series twice, which he jokingly said was “the most privileged of privileges.” While fans at home got the uncensored version, it truly was the most privileged of privileges to see Goldstein win.