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A Taylor Swift-themed bar is coming to Missouri.

A Taylor Swift Pop-Up Bar Is Opening With Themed Drinks & Decor

I’ll have a Lemon Drops on My Guitar, please.

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It feels like a perfect night to drink Taylor Swift cocktails with your fellow Swifties, right? 2023 will be Swift’s year with the start of her Eras Tour in March, and to kick off the festivities, there is a Taylor Swift pop-up bar opening in January. The Just Another Pop Up To Burn will have themed drinks and Insta-worthy decor from the TCU — aka the Taylor Swift Cinematic Universe. Pretty much, the pop-up will be a dream come true for anyone who had Swift at the top of their Spotify Wrapped playlist.

Even if you weren’t able to get tickets to a Swift concert, your 2023 can be filled with tons of Tay Tay-inspired experiences. For example, you and your besties could plan a set-jetting trip to visit music video locations or places that Swift has mentioned in her lyrics. You could walk Cornelia Street in New York City or get taken by the view in Paris. For anyone in the Midwest, you’ll be close to the Taylor Swift pop-up bar so that might need to go to the top your to-do list. However, you’ll need to visit soon, because it’ll only be open for a month. Here’s everything you need to know about the Swift-inspired bar.

Where Is The Taylor Swift Pop-Up Bar?

The Just Another Pop Up To Burn will be happening at Vignettes bar in North Kansas City, Missouri. Vignettes is known for its pop-up experiences — right now, you can visit their Fetch the Halls Mean Girls-inspired bar that has holiday-themed drinks and snacks, like Glen Coco Candygrams and Gretchen's Toaster Strudel.

Along with a festive menu, the bar also has Mean Girls decor throughout like Coach Carr’s blackboard and the school bus that took down Regina George. In the past, they’ve also had a Stranger Things pop-up with Demogorgons and Christmas lights as well as a Schitt’s Creek experience that transformed the bar into the Rosebud Motel. For the Swift pop-up, you can expect just the same.


How Long Is The Taylor Swift Pop-Up Bar Open?

The Swift-themed bar will open Jan. 13, which is a very fitting date considering 13 is Swift’s favorite number. However, it’ll only be around until Feb. 18, which means you’ll want to make your plans to visit soon. You can reserve a table on Vignettes’ website now, and the bar is only 21 and up on Fridays and Saturdays. That means anyone under 21 can visit Sunday through Thursday.

What Can You Expect At The Taylor Swift Pop-Up Bar?


Similar to the other pop-up experiences, the Swift-themed bar will have drinks inspired by her songs like The Cardigan, Lemon Drops on My Guitar, and Snow on the Beach — which is likely a spin on the Sex on the Beach cocktail. Along with themed drinks, there will also be live singers covering some of Swift’s music on Fridays and Saturdays along with Karaoke Sundays, where you can take the mic.

The rest of the week will also have Swift-themed events. For example, bring your Swift knowledge to the Tayla’s Pop Culture Trivia Wednesdays or try your hand at Music Bingo Thursdays. Even if you’re there on Monday, Tuesday, or Sunday, you’ll still have plenty to do between trying out the themed menu and taking pics with the decor for the ‘Gram. According to Vignettes, the bar will have different scenes from Swift’s eras so feel free to wear your Folklore cardigan or Speak Now purple dress. Any Swift-inspired ‘fit will do, so go ahead and reserve your table for a night that shimmers.

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