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Taylor Swift with a birthday cake would need Taylor Swift lyrics for birthday party captions.
82 Taylor Swift Lyrics For Birthday Captions That Are Sparkling

When you’re the “best thing at this party.”

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It seems like it’s almost mandatory for anyone turning 22 to post their birthday pic with the caption “I’m feeling 22” on Instagram. The song “22” by Taylor Swift has become a bit of a birthday party anthem, but those aren’t the only Taylor Swift lyrics for birthday party captions you can use. As the award-winning lyricist she is, Swift has tons of birthday-worthy song lyrics for any age and any party you’re planning.

In fact, not every birthday is a happy one. Swift’s “The Moment I Knew” is all about having sad girl vibes during your birthday party, because the one person you wanted to be there didn’t show up. It’s your party and you can cry if you want to, but only after you post a cute selfie on Insta with the right Taylor Swift lyrics as your caption. Plus, the recent release Midnights and Speak Now (Taylor’s Version) dropped a few new sparkly one-liners that are perfect for any kind of birthday you’re having, happy or sad.

Swift has such a way with words that she even captures how fun it is to spin around in your birthday party dress and sip on some champagne cocktails with your besties. This list covers all the bases, whether you’re looking for Taylor Swift lyrics about alcohol or Taylor Swift lyrics about your party dress. Even if you’re just spending your big day dancing around your room to your fave songs, there are these 82 Taylor Swift lyrics that you can use for relatable birthday party captions.

Taylor Swift Party Lyrics From Taylor Swift

  • “When you think happiness, I hope you think that little black dress.” — “Tim McGraw”
  • “I hope you think my favorite song, the one we danced to all night long.” — “Tim McGraw”
  • “Feeling lucky today, got the sunshine. Could you tell me what more do I need?” — “A Place In This World”
  • “I'm taking pictures in my mind, so I can save them for a rainy day.” — “Stay Beautiful”
  • There's a fire inside of you that can't help but shine through.” — “Invisible”

Taylor Swift Party Lyrics From Fearless (Taylor’s Version)

  • “Wish you could go back and tell yourself what you know now.” — “Fifteen”
  • “See the lights, see the party, the ball gowns.” — “Love Story”
  • “But I know I had the best day with you today.” — “The Best Day”
  • “It was the night things changed. Can you see it now?” — “Change”
  • “And I don't know how it gets better than this.” — “Fearless”

Taylor Swift Party Lyrics From Speak Now (Taylor’s Version)

  • “Right here, wishing the flowers were from you.” — “Superman”
  • “Wishing the card was from you.” — “Superman”
  • “When your birthday passed and I didn't call.” — “Back to December”
  • “Wearing a gown shaped like a pastry.” — “Speak Now”
  • “Just try to never grow up.” — “Never Grow Up”
  • “This night is sparkling, don't you let it go.” — “Enchanted”
  • “She looks at life like it's a party and she's on the list.” — “Better Than Revenge”
  • “Today is never too late to be brand new.” — “Innocent”
  • “The life of the party, you're showing off again.” — “Last Kiss”
  • “‘Cause she's the kind of book that you can't put down.” — “When Emma Falls In Love”
  • “We would have been timeless.” — “Timeless”
  • “Time breaks down your mind and body. Don't you let it touch your soul.” — “Timeless”
  • “Long live all the magic we made.” — “Long Live”

Taylor Swift Party Lyrics From Red (Taylor’s Version)

  • “Standing there in my party dress in red lipstick.” — “The Moment I Knew”
  • “They're all standing around me singing, ‘Happy birthday to you,’ but there was one thing missing.” — “The Moment I Knew”
  • “Not weepin' in a party bathroom.” — “All Too Well (10 Minute Version)”
  • “He said, ‘It's supposed to be fun turning 21.’” — “All Too Well (10 Minute Version)”
  • “We're happy, free, confused, and lonely at the same time.” — “22”
  • “Spinning like a girl in a brand new dress.” — “Holy Ground”
  • “Tonight I'm gonna dance, like you were in this room.” — “Holy Ground”
  • “The whole place was dressed to the nines, and we were dancing, like we're made of starlight.” — “Starlight”
  • “I've had too much to drink tonight.” — “Nothing New”

Taylor Swift Party Lyrics From 1989

  • “Baby, I'm just gonna shake, shake, shake, shake, shake.” — “Shake It Off”
  • “I'm dancin' on my own. I make the moves up as I go.” — “Shake It Off”
  • “Say you'll remember me, standin' in a nice dress, starin' at the sunset, babe.” — “Wildest Dreams”
  • “We are too busy dancing to get knocked off our feet.” — “New Romantics”

Taylor Swift Party Lyrics From Reputation

  • “Island breeze and lights down low.” — “...Ready For It?”
  • “He's in the club doing, I don't know what.” — “Gorgeous”
  • “Whiskey on ice, Sunset and Vine.” — “Gorgeous”
  • “I knew it from the first Old Fashioned, we were cursed.” — “Getaway Car”
  • “You weren't thinking, and I was just drinking.” — “Getaway Car”
  • “Drinking beer out of plastic cups.” — “King Of My Heart”
  • “Spilling wine in the bathtub.” — “Dress”
  • “It was so nice throwing big parties.” — “This Is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things”
  • “Everyone swimming in a champagne sea.” — “This Is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things”
  • “Bass beat rattling the chandelier.” — “This Is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things”
  • “Feeling so Gatsby for that whole year.” — “This Is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things”
  • “Here's a toast to my real friends.” — “This Is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things”
  • “There's glitter on the floor after the party.” — “New Year’s Day”
  • “Girls carrying their shoes down in the lobby.” — “New Year’s Day”
  • “I'll be there if you're the toast of the town, babe.” — “New Year’s Day”

Taylor Swift Party Lyrics From Lover

  • “Chandelier's still flickering here.” — “Death By A Thousand Cuts”
  • “I'm searching for signs in a haunted club.” — “Death By A Thousand Cuts”
  • “My time, my wine, my spirit, my trust.” — “Death By A Thousand Cuts”
  • “Got the wine for you.” — “False God”
  • “I'm drunk in the back of the car, and I cried like a baby coming home from the bar.” — “Cruel Summer”
  • “And they would toast to me, oh.” — “The Man”
  • “We were in the backseat, drunk on something stronger than the drinks in the bar.” — “Cornelia Street”
  • “No one's home, sixteen and wild.” — “All Of The Girls You’ve Loved Before”

Taylor Swift Party Lyrics From Folklore

  • “Slipped away like a bottle of wine.” — “August”
  • “But I didn’t pour the whiskey.” — “This Is Me Trying”
  • “It's hard to be at a party when I feel like an open wound.” — “This Is Me Trying”
  • “But I knew you, dancin' in your Levi's, drunk under a streetlight.” — “Cardigan”
  • “Their parties were tasteful, if a little loud.” — ​“The Last Great American Dynasty”
  • “Spinning in my highest heels, love, shining just for you.” — “Mirrorball”
  • “But if I just showed up at your party, would you have me? Would you want me?” — “Betty”

Taylor Swift Party Lyrics From Evermore

  • “Champagne problems.” — “Champagne Problems”
  • “Now no one’s celebrating.” — “Champagne Problems”
  • “Dom Pérignon, you brought it.” — “Champagne Problems”
  • “I was dancing when the music stopped.” — “Happiness”
  • “And you asked me to dance, but I said, ‘Dancin' is a dangerous game.’” — “Cowboy Like Me”

Taylor Swift Party Lyrics From Midnights

  • “I have this thing where I get older, but just never wiser.” — “Anti-Hero”
  • And I'm not even sorry, nights are so starry.” — “Glitch”
  • Cheap wine, make believe it's champagne.” — “Paris”
  • Let the only flashing lights be the tower at midnight.” — “Paris”
  • In an alleyway, drinking champagne.” — “Paris”
  • Once upon a time, the planets and the fates / And all the stars aligned.” — “Mastermind”
  • “I'm the best thing at this party.” — “You’re Losing Me”

Other Taylor Swift Party Lyrics

  • “But there's so much time to figure out the rest of my life.” — Boys Like Girls and Taylor Swift, “Two Is Better Than One”
  • “And everybody's watchin' her.” — Calvin Harris and Rihanna, “This Is What You Came For”
  • “The best days of your life.” — Kellie Pickler, “Best Days of Your Life”
  • “To dance under sparkling lights.” — Taylor Swift, “Christmas Tree Farm”

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