Taylor Swift in a light blue dress in spring, the season of these fun lyrics for Instagram captions.
40 Taylor Swift Lyrics To Use In The Spring As The Season Begins Again

Save them for a rainy day.

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Taylor Swift is a songwriting master who has relatable and descriptive lyrics for just about anything you’re going through at the moment. Even with the change in seasons, you know there are definitely Taylor Swift lyrics for spring captions and posts you’re looking to share on your feed. Swift knows a thing or two about starting anew as each album era has a totally different vibe and feel. That’s why you can gather up some Taylor Swift lyrics about flowers blooming, rain falling, and spring adventures for any pics you want to share this time of year.

You may even be embracing the cottagecore aesthetic this spring by wearing your favorite cardigan and dancing through wildflower fields or hanging under willow trees with your fellow Swiftie friends. Those moments are especially perfect for folklore and evermore Taylor Swift spring lyrics like:

Spring breaks loose, the time is near.

Perhaps you have an adorable rainy day snap with your partner as well, whether you’re kissing or dancing in the rain. That pic will be too cute with a Taylor Swift lyric about falling in love and getting caught in the storm (in your best dress).

Just like there are Taylor Swift lyrics for the fall and Taylor Swift lyrics for the winter, every Swiftie needs to have some Taylor Swift spring captions from each album on hand for rainstorms, flowers, and sitting in a cafe on Wednesday as you watch it “begin again.”

Taylor Swift Spring Lyrics From Taylor Swift (Taylor’s Version)

  • “I'm just walking trying to see through the rain coming down.” — “A Place In This World”
  • “Feeling lucky today, got the sunshine.” — “A Place In This World”
  • “What a rainy ending given to a perfect day.” — “Cold As You”
  • “He leaves you out like a penny in the rain, 'cause it's not his price to pay.” — “Tied Together With A Smile”
  • “I'm taking pictures in my mind so I can save them for a rainy day.” — “Stay Beautiful”
  • “I almost didn't notice all the roses.” — “Our Song”

Taylor Swift Spring Lyrics From Fearless (Taylor’s Version)

  • “There's somethin' about the way the street looks when it's just rained.” — “Fearless”
  • “I don't know why, but with you I'd dance in a storm.” — “Fearless”
  • “Can't help it if I wanna kiss you in the rain.” — “Hey Stephen”
  • “But I miss screaming and fighting and kissing in the rain.” — “The Way I Loved You”
  • “It rains when you're here and it rains when you're gone.” — “Forever & Always”
  • “Just know I'm right here hoping that you'll come in with the rain.” — “Come In With The Rain”
  • “Don’t wait for the sky to clear.” — “Come In With The Rain”
  • “Wait there in the pourin' rain, comin' back for more.” — “The Other Side Of The Door”
  • “Once the last drop of rain has dried off the pavement, shouldn't I find a stain, but I never do.” — “You All Over Me”
  • “The best and worst day of June was the one that I met you.” — “You All Over Me”

Taylor Swift Spring Lyrics From Speak Now

  • “The way you move is like a full-on rainstorm.” — “Sparks Fly”
  • “You gave me roses and I left them there to die.” — “Back To December”
  • “You paint me a blue sky, and go back and turn it to rain.” — “Dear John”
  • “I do recall now the smell of the rain, fresh on the pavement.” — “Last Kiss”
  • “You would, you would if this was a movie, stand in the rain outside 'til I came out.” — “If This Was A Movie”
  • “Right here, wishing the flowers were from you.” — “Superman”

Taylor Swift Spring Lyrics From Red (Taylor’s Version)

  • “Chose the rose garden over Madison Square.” — “The Lucky One”
  • “All I know is pouring rain, and everything has changed.” — “Everything Has Changed”
  • “I watched it begin again.” — “Begin Again”
  • “I fell like an early spring snow.” — “I Bet You Think About Me”

Taylor Swift Spring Lyrics From 1989

  • “Rose garden filled with thorns.” — “Blank Space”
  • “Stand there like a ghost shaking from the rain.” — “How You Get The Girl”
  • “The rain came pouring down.” — “Clean”

Taylor Swift Spring Lyrics From Reputation

  • “I once was poison ivy, but now I'm your daisy.” — “Don’t Blame Me”
  • “All my flowers grew back as thorns.” — “Call It What You Want”

Taylor Swift Spring Lyrics From Lover

  • “Ripped up my prom dress running through rose thorns.” — “Miss Americana & The Heartbreak Prince”
  • “And now I see daylight.” — “Daylight”

Taylor Swift Spring Lyrics From Folklore

  • “I want to watch wisteria grow right over my bare feet.” — “The Lakes”
  • “A red rose grew up out of ice frozen ground with no one around to tweet it.” — “The Lakes”

Taylor Swift Spring Lyrics From Evermore

  • “Spring breaks loose, the time is near.” — “Ivy”
  • “Life was a willow, and it bent right to your wind.” – “willow”

Other Taylor Swift Spring Lyrics

  • “It's like we don't remember the rain we thought would last forever and ever.” — “Sweeter Than Fiction”
  • “Free as these birds, light as whispers.” – “Carolina”
  • “A flicker of light, before the dawning.” – “Beautiful Ghosts”

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