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45 Football Puns For Insta-Worthy And Tail-Great Moments On Super Bowl Sunday

Consider this your Insta playbook.

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The Super Bowl is coming up faster than a running back, so hopefully you have your game day plans in order. You may be prepping by picking out the right cheese dips to pair with your chips, and deciding on some football-themed Jell-O shots to make. Whether you're in it for the actual football game or just excited for the commercials and halftime show, you can't deny that game day is the best kind of opportunity to host a party with some killer appetizers. Naturally, a good party needs to be well-documented, and the best way to caption all of those party pics is with witty football puns for Instagram.

Everyone loves a good football pun that sticks with them throughout the day. They’re like the best kind of Super Bowl dad jokes that get you LOLing in no time. Considering all of that, your pics will truly make a touchdown on anyone's feed if you use any of these 45 football and Sunday puns. Use them for your foodie snaps of the awesome spread you made of wings, nachos, pizza, and beer, or take a selfie with your favorite team of friends to post in an Insta photo dump. Top off your fave snaps with some touchdown puns to win MVP on the ‘Gram.

Since there's a lot of exciting moments to capture, you don't want to be stuck with your face in your phone while the game is going on. A moment of looking down could mean you completely miss the interception pass that wins the Super Bowl, and you wouldn't want that, right? So, to save you time, just use this handy playbook of football puns and Super Bowl Instagram captions that are ready for you to use right now. Don't try to tackle it all on your own, and just have a footballin' time on Sunday.

Touchdown Puns That Are Ready To Score:

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  • "OMG Becky, look at that punt."
  • "I’m wide open for whatever happens during the game.”
  • "I feel tail great."
  • "Turn down for what." — DJ Snake and Lil Jon, "Turn Down for What"
  • "I like your tight end."
  • "Having a ball."
  • "It’s the calm before the score."
  • "Case in punt."
  • "A goal new ball game."
  • "By the seat of one's punt."
  • "Beauty is only pig skin deep."
  • "The goal nine yards."
  • "D-fence"
  • “I made a snap decision and ordered pizza.”
  • “I’m touchdown for anything.”

Super Bowl-Themed Snack Puns For Foodies:

  • "I'm in a serious relation-chip."
  • "It's nacho problem."
  • "I was born to be mild (salsa)."
  • "You have guac to be kidding me."
  • "I don't give a guac."
  • "If you liked it than you should have put a wing on it."
  • "You want a pizza me?"
  • "You've stolen a pizza my heart."
  • "You are the wind beneath my chicken wings."
  • "Don't worry, beer happy."
  • "Salsa dance."
  • "You guac my world."
  • "Sweet dreams are made of cheese."
  • “This beer is my number one draft pick.”
  • This is nacho average Super Bowl party.”
  • “I’m going to tackle this spinach and artichoke dip.”

Super Bowl Sunday Puns For The Greatest Day Of The Week:

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  • "Sunday really is a funday when football is on.”
  • “Sundae is the sweetest day of the week.”
  • “The team was really strong at the beginning, but weekend by the end of the Super Bowl”
  • “Super Bowl Sunday is the best and the rest are just weak days.”
  • “Your team is really having a lazy Sunday.”
  • “It may be Super Bowl Sunday, but if my team loses it’ll be a sadder day.”
  • “I scream for Super Bowl Sundae.”
  • “It’s a Super Bowl bun day with hot dogs and hamburgers.”
  • “It really is a Super Bowl sun day with this weather.”
  • “Super Bowl Sunday is really grate.”
  • In queso you didn’t know, it’s Super Bowl Sunday.”
  • "It’s souper bowl Sunday.”
  • “Just winging it on Super Bowl Sunday.”
  • “The huddle is real on this lazy Sunday.”

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