'Stranger Things' merch for Season 4 includes your favorite characters.
Stranger Things Merch For Season 4 Includes An Eddie Candle And Kate Bush Crewneck

Get your Hellfire Club tee before Vol. 2 drops on July 1.

Tina Rowden/Netflix

The epic conclusion to Stranger Things Season 4 is finally here on July 1. The first part of the season already gave us lovable new characters like Eddie Munson, a new villain in Vecna, and a throwback song we can’t stop listening to on Spotify and TikTok. As you inevitably prepare for a marathon-watch at home, you can also show your support of the series by checking out the Strangers Things merch for Season 4 available now.

Whether you’re looking for a new tee to wear during your roomie watch party or some home decor to decorate your WFH desk, you can find a variety of Stranger Things Season 4 merch online to fulfill your needs. Even some of your favorite stores like Target and BoxLunch have come out with exclusive Strangers Things merch for Season 4 that’s too cute not to add to your collection.

There’s Hellfire Club pins that are perfect to decorate your denim jacket and a throwback ‘80s Lite-Brite toy full of nostalgia. You can even find Robin-inspired lipgloss for the perfect Stranger Things lewk. Whatever you need, this list of 18 Strangers Things Season 4 merch is sure to have something that’s add to cart-worthy.

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“Running Up That Hill” Crewneck

It’s OK if you’ve been listening to “Running Up That Hill (A Deal with God)” by Kate Bush nonstop since the first part of Season 4 dropped. That means you’re just like Max, and may want to get yourself this cozy crewneck. It shows the iconic scene where the song you love so much was used to save Max from Vecna.


Hellfire Club Tee

Season 4 introduced fans to the Hellfire Club. Whether you play Dungeons and Dragons or not, you want to be a part of the Hellfire crew with Mike, Dustin, and Lucas. Now, you can look the part with this Hellfire Club tee.


‘80s Upside Down Hoodie

PacSun has a Quicksilver and Stranger Things collab that looks like it’s straight out of the ‘80s. In the collection, you’ll find this Upside Down Stranger Things hoodie that’s perfect for lounging around the house in as you rewatch the series all over again.


Rink-O-Mania Tee

While going to the Rink-O-Mania may not have been the best idea for Eleven, getting yourself this Rink-O-Mania tee to wear is a great choice. This vintage looking shirt will be super cute with your fave denim or worn to your own roller rink party.


Surfer Boy Van Pen Holder

Argyle was a fun addition to the Stranger Things crew in Season 4, and this Surfer Boy pizza van can be a great addition to your WFH desk. Not only is this a cute place to store your fave pens, but it’s also a fun DIY project as it comes unassembled.


Loungefly Backpack

Along with Vecna, the Stranger Things crew also had to battle some Demobats in the Upside Down in Season 4. While you wouldn’t want to encounter them IRL, they do look cute on this BoxLunch exclusive Loungefly mini backpack.


Hawkins High Pet Jacket

Even your fur friend at home can sport some Stranger Things merch with this pet jacket. It looks like the basketball jersey Lucas wears in Season 4.

Hellfire Club Pin

Add this Hellfire Club enamel pin to your fave denim jacket. You know it’s what Eddie Munson would do.

California Earring Set

It was cool to see the Stranger Things crew outside of Hawkins this season. Eleven and the Byers found a new home in California, and if you like the laid-back Cali vibes, you’ll love this earring set from BoxLunch.


Surfer Boy Pizza Jacket

You may find this Surfer Boy Pizza jacket a vibe just like Argyle. Wearing it will definitely make you feel like a part of the team just like the Scoops Ahoy uniform did in Season 3.

1986 Tank Top

Since it is the summer, tank tops may be more your style. Target has this ‘80s-style tank top that you can wear on a hike or to the gym.

Stranger Things Lite-Brite

The nostalgia is too real with this Stranger Things Lite-Brite set. It comes with different templates based on Season 4. Not only is it a fun toy, but the Lite-Brite makes a cameo and helps out the crew in Season 4 as well.

Argyle Bluetooth Speakers

You can listen to “Running Up That Hill” on repeat with these bluetooth speakers. They even come with a backpack strap to make them extra portable for whatever adventure you have planned. Also, they look like Argyle. How cute!

Vecna Press-On Nails

If you’re hyped about the shocking Vecna reveal in Season 4, you’ll love these press-on nails from Etsy. From far away, they look like red and black marble nails, but up close, you can see the Upside Down details. You can also order these in various lengths and styles like almond and coffin depending on your preference.


Eddie Munson Vintage Tee

In the Stranger Things Season 4, Vol. 2 trailer, you can see Eddie Munson playing guitar in the Upside Down. It looks just like the design on this vintage tee from Etsy. This shirt is perfect for Eddie fans looking to add to their closet.


Steve and Dustin ‘80s Tee

The friendship between Steve and Dustin is always hilarious and heartwarming at the same time. If you have a Stranger Things-loving bestie, you may want to get them this shirt. It has a very vintage, ‘80s design to it.


Eddie Munson Candle

If Eddie is your new Stranger Things crush, you’ll want to get this Eddie Munson candle for your home decor. Apparently, Eddie smells like incense and amber with balsam, vanilla, rum, and leather. There’s also a Steve Harrington candle ($20) that smells like oak moss, citrus, melon, violet, and fresh ocean breeze.