A food editor taste-tests the new Beyoncé-inspired 'Renaissance' menu at Starbucks in Disney Springs...

I Tried Starbucks' Renaissance-Inspired Drinks & They're U-N-I-Q-U-E

The limited-time menu at Disney Springs is made for Beyoncé fans.

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Giving brand-new meaning to her song “Heated,” Beyoncé now comes in coffee form. Hot off the release of its Taylor Swift-inspired Eras Tour menu, one Starbucks recently debuted a selection of Renaissance-themed drinks so you can be *that girl* before, during, and after your viewing of Queen Bey’s concert film, which hit theaters on Dec. 1.

This particular Starbucks is located at the West Side Cafe in Disney Springs near Orlando, Florida — the most popular Sbux location in the state, according to Insider — so it’s not exactly accessible to just anyone. The other catch: They’re technically only available through the end of this week (Saturday, Dec. 9), buttt the staff did inform me that you could still order the “Energy” singer’s beverages at most locations as long as you have the recipes on hand.

Since I just so happened to be in the area on the exact weekend of this release for a couple of holiday events at Disney World, I made my way to Disney Springs for the first time to shop (obviously) and taste-test Starbucks’ Renaissance-inspired menu. Below, you’ll find out the exact ingredients you need to either tell your local Starbucks or to DIY a Beyoncé-themed bev at home, as well as my honest reviews of each drink.


The Renaissance Refresher Lives Up To Its Name

This treat combines the traditional Strawberry Açaí Lemonade Starbucks Refresher with green tea and peach juice. Considering Beyoncé has an entire album named after the citrus-y beverage (Lemonade for those not in the know), you know Starbs had to make it good.

5-word review: Gimme all the fruity flavors.

The Honey Honey Honey Drink Is Thique

What do you get when you combine a Blonde Oatmilk White Chocolate Mocha with apple brown sugar syrup and honey? A tribute to Renaissance’s 15th track, “PURE/HONEY,” and a lot of autumnal tastes... which isn’t bad, just a lot.

5-word review: It was 80+ degrees outside. No.

The Cozy Cocoa Is The Holiday SZN In A Cup

Starbucks’ White Hot Chocolate got a little twist, with a dash of gingerbread syrup added to spice things up in this nod to her Renaissance hit “Cozy.”

5-word review: It’s giving Gilmore Girls Christmas.

The Unique! Drink Is *Chef’s Kiss*

Get yourself an Iced Blonde Chestnut Praline Latte with salted caramel cold foam and you’ve got yourself a Unique, named for the word that’s spelled out multiple times in Bey’s “Alien Superstar.” I’m no coffee connoisseur, but this one won me over.

5-word review: It tastes like... a milkshake??

Kaitlin Cubria/Elite Daily

The Starbucks Renaissance-inspired menu at Disney Springs’ West Side Cafe ends on Saturday, Dec. 9.