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Beyoncé's "Alien Superstar" lyrics are all about confidence, and being at the top of her game

The Lyrics To Beyoncé's "Alien Superstar" Prove No One Does It Like Bey

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BeyHive, prepare to tap into your inner Sasha Fierce. On Beyoncé’s latest album, Renaissance, the singer revisits her mesmerizing alter ego on tracks like “I’m That Girl,” “Energy,” and “Thique,” reminding listeners of something fans and haters already know: she’s the Beyoncé. Though she channels that cutthroat vibe in other tunes, that standout energy illuminates on her track, “Alien Superstar.” In the lyrics to the song, Beyoncé croons about her sumptuous taste and otherworldly status as a pop icon. Imagine being that legendary that you can only compare your work to extraterrestrial beings? I can only dream.

“Alien Superstar” opens with an alarming warning to not leave the dance floor. Honestly, with how those dark drums boom in the background, you wouldn’t be able to push me off the floor. Beyoncé then follows up the caution with a powerful declaration that truly sets the tone for the track. The first verse feels like an intimate, glancing-in-the-mirror self-care moment. As she defines her own superstardom as out of this world, Beyoncé reminds listeners that their own aura is beautifully “unique.”

Thanks to Beyoncé, the lyrics compel you to enter the performer’s poised state of mind and reaffirm to yourself that your presence can’t be duplicated.

“I'm one of one, I'm number one, I'm the only one / Don't even waste your time trying to compete with me / No one else in this world can think like me / I'm twisted, I'll contradict it / Keep him addicted, lies on his lips, I lick it,” she charismatically flexes in the verse.

This section branches out to that thrilling chorus. Seriously, I feel like I should be swimming in a diamond-encrusted pool when listening to this section. The production, which stems from house music DJ Honey Dijon, glimmers potently here, almost like an intergalactic star.

There’s something about how those electronic chords and subtle zip effects — which sound like someone’s belting “unique” in an altered, almost extraterrestrial voice — pound against that roaring beat that just does it for me. Beyoncé only adds to the sublime instrumentation with her buttery vocals, which finds her interpreting Right Said Fred’s 1992 hit, “I’m Too Sexy,” through a feminine lens.

This flipped version is silky, a bit dramatic, and blissfully executed. She coos,

“I’m too classy for this world / Forever I’m that girl / Feed you diamonds and pearls, ooh baby / I’m too classy to be touched/ I paid them all in dust / I’m stingy with my love, ooh baby.”

Beyoncé continues to catapult me to space with the second verse. She begins the section by uprooting listeners’ confidence again, purring,

“Unicorn is the uniform you put on / Eyes on you when you perform.”

Her vocal tone is soft and breathy, yet totes this underlying intimidation that’s almost sweet in delivery. She then switches narratives to gush about her legendary status, noting that no one can come for expensive couture, because she wears her drip that well. Basically, don’t come for Bey if she didn’t send for you. As Cardi B infamously sings in “Up,” I know that’s right.

“Mastermind in haute couture / Label whores can't clock, I'm so obscure (Unique) / Masterpiece, genius / Drip intravenous / Patty cake on that wrist,” she sings in the verse.

She vocally struts through this section with ease, almost as if boasting about her charm is second nature to her. Tuh, if I woke up as Queen Bey, I’d be talking my hot sh*t, too. By the end of this verse, Beyoncé taps into her more sensual and saucy side, which debuts throughout the majority of the album. She warmly croons,

“You see pleasure in my glare / Look over my shoulder and you ain't scared / The effects you have on me when you stare / Head on a pillow, hike it in the air.”

Listeners are then blessed with that stunning chorus again, before diving towards the post-chorus and bridge. Similar to the original chorus, those symphonic chords swell through these sections and serve as the perfect backdrop for Beyoncé’s vocals. She softly narrates how nothing (or no one) can’t compete with her “cinnamon kiss,” and how different strokes of her body glisten like “pearls and diamonds.” Suddenly, that enrapturing harmony drops, before returning with a thunderous kick as Beyoncé belts “unique!”

The track then pulses to the outro, which samples a rousing speech from the late visionary Barbara Ann Teer. Teer was a renowned writer, teacher, and producer who helmed Harlem’s National Black Theatre, which was the first Black theater arts company in the U.S. In the nearly 20-minute speech, Teer descriptively spoke about her upbringing, how she created the New York-based theatre, and the glorious beauty of creative expression. She says, “We dress a certain way. We walk a certain way. We talk a certain way. We, we paint a certain way. We, we make love a certain way, you know? All of these things we do in a different, unique, specific way.”

Those lines introduce the final chorus from Beyoncé, who puts her layered harmonies front and center. Like the true Virgo she is (as a Virgo myself, I can attest to this), she cockily reminds listeners that she’s a “casanova,” “superstar,” and “supernova.”

“We just reaching out to the solar system / We flying over bullsh*t, we flying over / Supernatural love up in the air / I just talk my sh*t, Casanova / Superstar, supernova / Power, pull 'em in closer / If that's your man, then why he over here? Unique,” she sings.

Check out the full lyrics to Beyoncé’s “Alien Superstar” below, via the singer’s official lyric video on YouTube.

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