A bunch of Squishmallows are on sale for some pre-Black Friday 2021 deals.
Score 50% Off Squishmallows Of All Sizes With This Pre-Black Friday Sale

Looks like everyone is getting an adorable pillow pal for the holidays.

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We may receive a portion of sales if you purchase a product through a link in this article.

It’s no wonder Squishmallows have become so popular. They’re adorable plush pillows that are so cute that once you buy one, you’ll want to buy them all. They make the perfect cozy pal for just lounging around at home and can be great gifts to give your little nieces and nephews. If you’re looking to get your hands on a few Squishmallows for the holidays, now is the time because the Squishmallows pre-Black Friday 2021 sale includes deals that are too good to pass up.

Even newer and seasonal Squishmallows are on sale right now for 50% off. That includes holiday pillow pals you can use to decorate your home and bedroom during the most wonderful time of the year. Along with half off price cuts on most Squishmallows, there is also a buy three, get one free deal going on sitewide. You can use both deals to find the most budget-friendly gifts for everyone on your list. You may even want to get pillow pals for everyone in your group chat and all your sorority sisters as well.

The pre-Black Friday sale also includes Squishmallows of all sizes, so treat yourself to bigger Squishmallows to make your bed super cozy for watching holiday movies in December or get a few smaller Squishmallows for BFF stocking stuffers or white elephant gift exchange parties. Of course, it can get overwhelming with all the choices you have from this sitewide sale. So, before scrolling through your options, make shopping easier by checking out this list of some of the cutest Squishmallows first.

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Carol The Christmas Tree

This Christmas tree Squishmallow is perfect for the holiday season. Use it to spruce up your dorm room by adding it to your bed or bookshelf. With such a treemendous deal going on, you could even get a Christmas tree Squishmallow for everyone in your family.

Luna The Penguin

Luna the penguin is an adorable and festive addition to your Squishmallow collection with fuzzy earmuffs and a light blue printed scarf.

Farryn The Fawn

This holiday fawn Squishmallow is too cute with its little scarf. If you end up giving it as a gift, you could sign your card with: “To someone I deerly love.”

Christmas Snowman

It wouldn’t be the holidays without a snowman by your side. This festive Squishmallow also comes in two sizes, which are both part of the 50% off and buy three, get one free deals. The 12-inch plush is available for $30 right now, and the larger 16-inch one is only $40.

Reindeer Christmas Plush

If you’re traveling back home for the holidays, you’ll want to bring along a Squishmallow like this reindeer one. It’ll not only keep you company on your travels, but it can also be used as a pillow in the car or on the plane. It’s also machine washable, so it’s ready for whatever adventure you’re going on.

Jack Skellington From The Nightmare Before Christmas

Not only can you find Squishmallows of adorable animals, but you can also some some inspired by your favorite characters as well. For the holidays, you’ll definitely want to get your hands on a Jack Skellington from The Nightmare Before Christmas Squishmallow. In fact, if this is your fave holiday film, it’s “simply meant to be” in your collection.

Norma The Gnome

Chill at home with your gnomies. This holiday gnome plush is perfect for holiday decor and cuddling when it’s finally time to watch all the Home Alone movies with your roomies. There are even two other gnome Squishmallows in the Christmas Squad collection for you to choose from if you’d like more than one.

Santa Claus Plush Toy

A holiday squishmallow collection wouldn’t be complete without the man in red. This Santa Claus Plush Toy comes in either 8 inch or 12 versions for either $20 or $30 with the Squishmallows pre-Black Friday sale.

Brown Cow Ronnie

In addition to all the holiday Squishmallows, there are plenty of newer options from this year on sale. One of the newest Squishmallows for 2021 is Ronnie the brown cow, and he’s available for 50% off. You can also find him in two different sizes. There’s the 8-inch and the 16-inch, which is only $40. Both are extremely huggable.

Austin The Avocado

If you’re go-to breakfast is avocado toast, you may want to get yourself this avocado plush. It features an adorable avocado with his pit at the center. You can also find a bigger 12-inch version for only $30.

If you’d rather have a fluffy avocado plush, there’s also this version that comes in three sizes — 8-inch ($20), 12-inch ($30), and 16-inch ($40). You could have an entire avocado family with these options.

Avocado With An Elephant Cap

Speaking of avocados, this avo plush with an elephant cap will steal your heart. Plus, 50% off $100? A total steal for this popular option.

Malcolm The Mushroom

What a fun guy this Malcolm the Mushroom plush is. He’s undeniably cute and adorable. Plus, he comes in two different sizes. There’s the 8-inch for $22 and the 16-inch for $40, which is a great deal from its original $80 price tag.

Floyd The French Fry

Fri-nally some fries that don’t disappear five minutes after you order them. This adorable fries Squishmallow is perfect for your foodie friend who never passes up a chance to order a plate for the table. Since it’s an adorable 8-inch size plush, you could even get it as a stocking stuffer along with a gift card to their favorite fast food place.

Shy Milk Tea

Like the fries, if your friend is the one always suggesting you go for a boba tea run, you might want to get them this milk tea plush. It’s super adorable and will remind them of their fave drink. There’s also other milk tea plushes if you’d rather have a cute one,a happy one, or a sad one.

Corgi Dog Ball

If your friend is a dog owner, they may like a Squishmallow that looks like their pup at home. This corgi plush is super cute and comes in a ball shape for extra comfort. They can snap a pic of their dog sitting next to their doggy Squishmallow for the ‘Gram. It’ll be fur real cute.

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