Young woman in glasses on the street during the September 2022 full Harvest moon, which will affect ...

The Pisces Full Moon Will Be Dreamy For Every Zodiac Sign

It's time to take a break from reality.

On Sept. 10, a full moon will illuminate the cosmos in the mutable water sign of Pisces, shifting every zodiac sign’s attention to dreams and fantasies. Since Virgo SZN began, there’s been a focus on details, logic, and productivity, but this lunation is prompting everyone to think outside the box — just try not to wander too far.

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As a harvest moon (aka the final full moon before fall begins), there’s a sense of finality that accompanies this lunation, bringing revelations as well as some potential endings to the forefront for every sign. With Mercury retrograde also in full swing, many things may feel unclear, but your imagination is as vivid as ever.

Here’s what every sign can expect from the September 2022 full Harvest Moon:

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