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Virgo’s New Moon Will Take You To Beautiful Places

Here’s how each zodiac sign can make the best of it.

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The new moon is a chance to start over and a beautiful opportunity to unload the past and embrace the future. As the moon — ruler of your subconscious, your instincts, and your emotional being — rests behind the shadow of night, you are given a chance to reflect on where you’ve come from and dream of where you’re going. When the new moon takes place, make sure to find a moment to set an intention to guide you forward. Once you understand how the September 2021 new moon in Virgo will affect your zodiac sign, you’ll realize all the beautiful places its taking you.

The upcoming new moon in Virgo will take place on Sept. 6 at 8:52 p.m. ET, encouraging you to embrace practical and pragmatic growth. Virgo is a mutable earth sign that contains the power of logic, industry, and humility. This zodiac sign is not a flashy one, but one that cares about working hard, planning ahead, and solving the problems that need to be solved. Virgo’s eye for detail is simply unmatched, making this new moon the perfect time to analyze the finer things.

Use this new moon in Virgo to engage in down-to-earth efforts such as getting organized, getting healthy, and getting focused. Virgo is intrinsically connected to the physical body and to the physical world, so use its energy to help build the world you want, one brick at a time. Forming a trine with innovative, eccentric, and revolutionary Uranus, this new moon wants you to try something different; something that has never been done before.

Here’s how each zodiac sign can make the best of this upcoming new moon:

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Check in with your body and your well-being. This new moon is encouraging you to take better care of yourself and to prioritize self-care. Use this energy to nurture your physical and mental health by establishing a routine that brings out the best in you and in your work. Take things one step at a time and you’ll be surprised how far you get.


Reconnect with your inner artist. This new moon is about unleashing your creativity and embracing your need for romance and poetry. The world is a beautiful place and if you’re not giving yourself permission to play, create, and fall in love, you may be preventing yourself from experiencing the joy that you deserve.


This new moon is bringing you back home. Use its energy to make your home the place you feel safe, inspired, and nurtured. It’s also a beautiful time to reconnect with your roots and ruminate on what made you the person you are. Find a way to appreciate and reconcile your perspective of home and your relationship with family.


You’re reconnecting with your voice. This new moon is encouraging you to speak your mind, listen to others, and refine your communication skills. Your mind has so much potential, but it’s up to you to activate that potential. Challenge your mind and work your brain muscle by engaging in intellectual pursuits.

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This new moon is encouraging you to feel the earth beneath your feet. You are supported by all the things you want, possess, and deem valuable. This new moon is the perfect time to decide what you need and what you would like to acquire. Spend time setting financial goals, making worthy purchases, and working on achieving the raise you deserve.


This new moon is all about you. It’s about who you are, who you’ve been, and who you’re becoming. This is a new beginning and it’s all centered around your identity. Take time to honor yourself by expressing yourself more authentically. Set goals that help you become an even more exalted version of yourself.


You’re releasing so much baggage. This new moon is encouraging you to look inward; to meditate on the thoughts, feelings, and spiritual revelations that have been bursting beneath the surface. This new moon is about unburdening yourself from all the worry, anxiety, and stagnant energy clouding your spirit. Re-center yourself.


This new moon is bringing you closer to likeminded individuals. It’s encouraging you to collaborate and cooperate with humanity, becoming the change you would like to see in the world. This new moon is the perfect time to announce your vision for a better reality and to enlist the help of others to manifest it.

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Your career is unfolding before you. However, it’s up to you to take authority over where it’s going. This new moon is encouraging you to set goals that center on your work, your reputation, and your professional success. It’s time to take ownership of your career and start working toward something that really means something to you.


This new moon is taking you to so many new places and encouraging you to see things differently. This is a beautiful time to plan your next trip, enroll in an an exciting class, or simply make a point of embracing spontaneous opportunities more often. The world is your oyster and you have every right to explore it.


This new moon is all about how you invest your time, energy, and resources. It may be time to divest yourself from projects and commitments that have been draining you and leading you nowhere. Let go and create space for new investments. This is the perfect time to plant your energy into something with longterm potential.


Your relationships are embracing the magic of this new moon. You may feel the initial stirring of a shift within a relationship. You may even begin a new relationship altogether. However, at the center of it all, you’re learning how to become a better partner and how to choose partners that respect you and excite you.

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