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This Week Will Be Extra Exciting For 3 Signs, Thanks To #LibraSZN And The Fall Equinox

‘Tis the perfect season for falling in love.

There are so many exciting things happening in astrology this week, so get excited. Summer was wild and fun, a time that encouraged you to let loose and embrace your inner fire. As of this week, the tides are turning, giving way to the season of pumpkin spice lattes, warm sweaters, and rainy days. Everyone will find something to love about this autumnal shift, but the zodiac signs who will have the best week of September 20, 2021 — Gemini, Libra, and Pisces — are absolutely living for it.

This week begins with an incredibly magical lunar event — the full moon in Pisces, slated to take over the sky on Sept. 20 at 7:54 p.m. ET. This full moon will tap into your deepest potential for feeling, encouraging you to let your guard down and submerge yourself under the psychic waters of Pisces. Let this full moon open your heart and your imagination.

On Sept. 22, the sun will enter balanced and beautiful Libra, launching the fall equinox. Libra is the zodiac sign that’s inherently connected to your relationships, making this the perfect season for making new friends and falling in love. An air of grace, charm, and diplomacy follows Libra, helping you navigate conflict and concentrate on the positives rather than the negatives.

However, your relationships could experience quite a shakeup by Sept. 23, when Venus — planet of love — opposes Uranus — planet of sudden shifts. This fraught and unstable moment could pave the way for unexpected separations. Luckily, it will also help you embrace your independence in a bold new way.

Here’s why the following zodiac signs will love this week’s energy:

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Gemini: You’re Feeling Creative, Romantic, And So Damn Alive

You’re approaching an incredibly exciting period of time, at least according to astrology. After all, the sun, Mercury, Venus and Mars are all sending magic to your fifth house of pleasure and creativity this week. You may feel like taking time off and doing what makes you happy. You might even feel like flirting with your crush or even getting into some arts and crafts. The cosmos are calling on you to express yourself without apology, because life is way too short to spend it worrying about what other people think.

Libra: You’re On Top Of The World And Everyone Can See It

It’s a beautiful time to be a Libra, don’t you think? As of this week, Libra season begins, helping you reconnect with your confidence and your sense of self. In astrology, your birthday season is known as your “solar return,” marking a moment of introspection as well as motivation. Now’s the time to think about the past year of your life. Reflect on the decisions you made, the opportunities that arrived, and the experiences you learned from. Then, let it encourage you to make new plans; to embody your personality even more meaningfully.

Pisces: You’re Activating Your Psychic Power And Inner Magic

You’re a naturally intuitive zodiac sign. Being a Pisces basically means being able to know something is about to happen before it actually does. And this week, a full moon in Pisces is slated to take place, helping you tap into your psychic abilities even more deeply than usual. Not only is this full moon bringing you visions from the future, but it’s also helping you activate the full extent of your power. It’s helping you remember who you are and all that you’re capable of.