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The Friendship Between A Sagittarius And A Pisces Is A Total Roller Coaster Ride

Can it last?

If you ask me, every fire sign needs a water sign BFF, and when it comes to Sagittarius (a fire sign) and Pisces (a water sign), there’s no better match. These two signs are both incredibly optimistic, so they’re always supportive of each other’s dreams and ideals, and while they have their differences, they complement each other in a way that can’t be ignored. They each have the ability to adapt to the ebbs and flows of life, but does this mean that their relationship can stand the test of time? It’s hard to say. Sagittarius and Pisces friendship compatibility is a roller coaster ride, but this pair wouldn’t have it any other way.

As mutable signs, their mutual desire for constant change may make it challenging to secure a stable, long-term friendship — but because they both have this quality, it’s something that may ultimately work in their favor. Of course, not having a stabilizing element to keep their relationship consistent can cause challenges down the line, but since these two signs tend to live in the moment, they probably wouldn’t be concerned about this in the slightest. Either way, here’s why Sagittarius and Pisces friendship compatibility may (or may not) last in the long run:

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1. These two signs share a ruling planet.

As Jupiter-ruled individuals, Sagittarius and Pisces individuals are both highly idealistic, making them incredibly encouraging and supportive of the other’s dreams and visions. Jupiter is the planet all about growth and expansion, and because of this, these two signs are both always looking for ways to reach new heights when it comes to knowledge and spirituality, and can help each other to continuously evolve, which is something that they both prioritize. While constant growth may appear to be a positive thing, it can come with its difficulties, because boundaries can easily be ignored. As long as this pair is willing to ensure that they respect the boundaries they set for themselves as well as each other though, this shouldn’t be too much of an issue.

2. Their elemental differences also play a factor.

Fire and water signs together can oftentimes create unmatched passion and depth, but it can also pose a few challenges: Water signs can sometimes be a bit too emotional for fire signs, and fire signs can easily be too assertive and straightforward for water signs. In this pair’s case, Pisces is a water sign that tends to absorb everyone else’s emotions, but since Sagittarius individuals tend to be so upbeat and happy-go-lucky, this may not necessarily be too much of an issue. However, Pisces individuals do require a certain level of emotional security, which the Sagittarius bestie may not be able to consistently offer. This is a difference that could cause challenges, but as long as these two prioritize the other’s needs, they should be able to work through these differences.

3. They both can be unpredictable.

As the flexible and ever-changing signs of the zodiac, this pair is incredibly fickle, making their friendship a bit all over the place. Since this is a quality that they each have, neither of them will be particularly upset about this, but it could mean that this dynamic may not have the most lasting power. Because this pair is incredibly understanding of the other, however, they’ll likely always remain on good terms, despite their ups and downs. As long as they both are willing to commit to consistently being there for each other, this pair definitely has a chance of being in each other’s lives for a long time.