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Don't forget to share your weekend round-ups as a photo dump on Instagram.
Photo Dump Themes For Making Your Next Instagram Post So Inspired

Everything is grid-worthy now.

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Thanks to the popularity of photo dumps, you no longer have to carefully curate your most Insta-worthy photos and leave the less grid-worthy snaps to take up valuable phone storage. The ability to share up to 10 photos at a time is a total game-changer, and the feature has definitely led to people posting more candid and authentic moments on Instagram. However, if you’re someone who still wants to keep a curated feel when sharing your pics, you’ll want to check out one of these photo dump themes for your next Instagram post.

After all, photo dumps can sometimes feel like just a random assortment of snaps and selfies from your phones. If you use a photo dump theme, your post tells a story while also allowing you to share the content you wouldn’t necessarily post alone. Some people even treat Instagram dumps as photo albums for things like vacays and or an entire weekend spent with your besties. They can also be used to store collections of things, like your favorite outfits and memes, all in one place. Depending on what memories you want to share, you can figure out what direction you want to go in for your next Instagram photo dump. However, if you’re looking for inspiration on your next post, here are 11 photo dump themes you can follow.

Vacay Photos
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Treat your Instagram as a vacation photo album by posting vacay photo dumps. This is the easiest way to share all your favorite snaps from your beach getaway or European trip. It can even be a mix of touristy shots in front of well-known landmarks along with foodie snaps of everything you ate. Don’t forget those candid shots from the nights you never want to forget and cute OOTD pics of all your travel ‘fits.

Monthly Highlights

A cute way to look back at each month is by posting monthly highlights on Instagram. At the end of each month, look through your camera roll and share 10 of your favorite memories. In your caption, write a sentence or two explaining each pic so you’ll always remember what they’re from.

Selfies You Never Posted

There are always those fire selfies you meant to post, but forgot to. Now is your chance to do it. You could even assemble all those pics where you were really feeling yourself, but for some reason or another, you didn’t post them. A photo dump of those snaps with some forgotten selfies are sure to get tons of likes from your friends (and maybe even a few from your crushes).

Outfits You Loved

Just like your selfies, there may be a few OOTD pics you never got around to posting. Maybe there was a week, like sorority rush or the first week of school, where you killed it with your outfits every single day. Weeks like that and forgotten fire ‘fits need to be shared with an OOTD photo dump theme. You can even tag the different items in each one of your pics so that friends can shop a similar look if they’re inspired.

Memes You’ve Collected

If you’re constantly saving memes to your phone that you find funny, it’s time to clear out some storage space by posting those memes on the ‘Gram. Not only are you making space on your camera roll, but this will also save you the effort of sharing your favorite memes individually with your friends. Plus, this meme-fill photo dump theme is guaranteed to get you a few “LOL” comments as well as likes.

Squad Pics
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Give a shoutout to your crew with a squad-themed photo dump. Go through your camera roll and favorite an assortment of photos featuring your crew to upload together. They can be photos from brunch, selfies you never posted together, or candid snaps that probably wouldn’t post on their own. Scrolling through all the pics will be a nice reminder that no matter what you’re doing together, it’s always a fun time.

Adorable Throwbacks

For Throwback Thursday, Wind Back Wednesday, or even Flashback Friday, share a photo dump of adorable throwbacks. It’s an easy way to show off how cute you were as a kid while highlighting your fave fashion from back in the day. You could even find some old pics of you with your BFF to show how long you’ve been besties.

Birthday Celebration

Your birthday is the perfect occasion to post a celebratory photo dump. If you’re planning a party or a weekend getaway, this is your chance to share every snap you want from your birthday celebrations. A birthday-themed photo dump is also a great place for all your friends to post their well wishes in the comments, so prepare for all the love to start coming your way.

Color-Coordinated Snaps

If your Instagram has a specific color vibe, you can always post a color-coordinated photo dump. If you’re into pinks and pastels, share the photos of you looking at a sunset on your early evening hike or of you standing in a blooming garden. For blue hues, share your beach and pool pics with selfies under sunny skies. When your photos all have the same hue to them, it’ll look really cool scrolling through.

Photos With The Same Aesthetic

Maybe your Instagram has a curated aesthetic to it. Right now, you could be going for a vibrant Y2K vibe or something minimalistic and neutral-hued. If you want to keep things consistent, post a photo dump that matches the rest of your feed’s vibe. For a beachy aesthetic, you could post every sunglasses selfie, sand in the toes snap, and pool float pic from your roll.

Weekend Round-up

Did you just have an eventful weekend? Go ahead and post a weekend round-up photo dump. The theme is simpple, so feel free to post all your fave highlights from the weekend. It’s up to you whether it’s as exciting as a weekend road trip with your besties or as laid back as staying home and watching Netflix with your cats. This is basically a diary of what you did for all your friends to see.