John B and Kiara from the 'Outer Banks' on the front porch of a home in South Carolina.

You Can Pretend You're In Outer Banks With This Home Swap Opp In South Carolina

Live like the Pogues with your crew.


The treasure hunt continues on Season 2 of Outer Banks, now available for streaming via Netflix. That means it’s time to get yourself reacquainted with the Pogues on their journey to find out what really happened to John B’s dad. As you prepare to marathon the new episodes, you can also plan an OBX adventure of your own. Thanks to Love Home Swap, you can pretend you’re in Outer Banks by staying in a South Carolina home. Close to some of the actual Outer Banks filming locations, these home swaps will make you feel like you’re in an episode of your fave summer series.

Similar to Airbnb, Love Home Swap allows you to search for affordable places to stay wherever you’re traveling. It’s basically like The Holiday, and you’re Kate Winslet or Cameron Diaz. As a members-only home-swapping platform, you have the option to do simultaneous swaps where you coordinate with another member to swap homes. There’s also the non-simultaneous points swap, which works more like booking a hotel and you don’t have to coordinate with anyone else.

However you’d like to travel, there are some seriously cool options for Outer Banks fans. For instance, the Old Village Escape in Mount Pleasant, SC is super close to a few Outer Banks filming locations like Shem Creek and The Wreck, aka Kiara’s parents’ restaurant. The four-bedroom home, which comfortably sleeps six people, is located in the Old Village of Mount Pleasant. You can walk around and see different buildings from the first season of the show like the St. Paul's Evangelical Lutheran Church and the Kildare County Sheriff’s Station, which is across from the Pitt Street Pharmacy Soda Fountain. The Love Home Swap listing also states that this gorgeous home is super close to Sullivan’s Island, where you can have a nice beach day with your friends.

Love Home Swap

Another home in Mount Pleasant is the Beautiful Southern Coastal Home, which can comfortably sleep 12 people. You could basically bring your entire Pogue crew with you. The massive stay even has a nearby pool and front porch with rocking chairs and a swing. You’ll want to relax with some sweet tea all day, but you should also venture out and check out more Outer Banks spots.

Considering you’ll be a quick drive away from Charleston, you’ll want to take at least one day on your trip to visit. You could stop by the Ben Silver flagship store like John B and Sarah to find some new outfits to wear. While you’re in Downtown Charleston, you could stop by the Gaillard Center as well, which acts as the law library for UNC-Chapel Hill in the show. There’s also Charleston’s Washington Square Park, which is where John B and Sarah walk around on their adventure together. It can be a cute place for you and your partner to take a stroll on your day date together.

There are also some locations to visit if you’re feeling like one of the Kooks. Kiawah Island is home to the Kiawah Island Golf Resort, which has some fancy dining options and is where the Midsummers party happens in Season 1, Episode 5, aptly titled “Midsummers.” If you’re traveling in the summer, you could also watch an outdoor movie at the Holy City Drive In, like in Episode 4, “Spy Games.”


There’s plenty of fun Outer Banks things to do when visiting South Carolina, and Love Home Swap makes it super easy for you to have a dream stay while doing it. While the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) says it’s safe for fully vaccinated people to travel domestically, you and your friends should still follow any local recommendations and requirements while social distancing. After all, you want to live like the Pogues — minus all the trouble they get into.

Season 2 of Outer Banks is now streaming on Netflix.

The CDC recommends traveling only after you’re fully vaccinated and your vaccine has become fully effective. If you’re not fully vaccinated and must travel, check the CDC guidelines before you book. Check your destination’s vaccination and testing requirements before you depart.