TikTokers share the best orange chicken recipes on TikTok.
TikTok Has Orange Chicken That Rivals Your Go-To Panda Express Order

Orange chicken burrito? Yes, please.

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Orange chicken is a zesty and delicious comfort food that you could eat whenever. No one makes it quite like Panda Express, but TikTokers are trying with their own copycat recipes. As a home chef yourself, you've got to check out the orange chicken recipes on TikTok that are trending right now. Each recipe is a little different depending on what ingredients are used, but the end result is always something tasty that can be served with fried rice, chow mein, or your favorite veggies.

Orange you glad you live in a time when you can just scroll through the #OrangeChicken tag on TikTok to find tons of easy-to-follow tutorials? It really is the best time to perfect your cooking skills in the kitchen. You could even plan a cute date night at home with your partner where you make orange chicken together. All you need to do is pick one of these 10 TikTok orange chicken recipes to follow. There are recipes that are supposed to taste just like Panda Express and some that are keto-friendly. If you can't decide on just one, try them all. After all, you really could eat orange chicken every day of the week.

This Copycat Panda Express Orange Chicken

TikToker Hajar Larbah (@moribyan) knows just how much the orange chicken "hits" at Panda Express, and this copycat recipe is supposed to taste "even better." In this video, @moribyan shows you how to make a homemade version of Panda Express' famous orange chicken while providing some helpful tips along the way. For instance, if you want an extra citrusy taste, add in some orange zest.

This Really Crispy Orange Chicken

This recipe from TikToker @jasmineandtea is also inspired by Panda Express. However, @jasmineandtea spills the real tea on how to get super crispy orange chicken. You just need to double fry it before coating your chicken in your homemade orange sauce.

This Grilled Orange Chicken

Not really feeling like fried chicken? Make yourself some grilled orange chicken instead. This recipe from TikToker @acallahan85 shows you just how to make orange chicken without frying it first. It'll save you time and take less ingredients to make. You could even make some grilled orange chicken skewers for a backyard barbecue in the summer.

This Keto Orange Chicken

If you're looking for a keto-friendly orange chicken recipe, look no further. This tutorial from TikToker @lowcarblove gives you step-by-step instructions on how to make a healthy orange chicken. It cuts out the starches like corn starch and flour that you would normally use to make the breading, and uses protein powder instead.

This Orange Marmalade Chicken

TikToker Ahmad Alzahabi (@thegoldenbalance) shares this orange chicken recipe with a secret ingredient: orange marmalade. This replaces the orange juice that you would normally put into the sauce mix. You can also find an orange marmalade recipe on TikTok if you'd like to have that homemade as well, and use any leftover preserves for an orange marmalade margarita from Yummly.

This Panko-Crusted Orange Chicken

Switch it up with some panko-crusted orange chicken. TikToker @cookwithmariyah coats the cut up chicken in panko bread crumbs before frying. This will just give your orange chicken a different texture, but the same delicious taste. For a faster meal, you could even bake your orange chicken with this Yummly panko-crusted recipe rather than frying.

This Double Fried Orange Chicken

It's all about the crispiness in this recipe from TikToker @iankewks that has over 4.6 million likes. After double frying your chicken for four to five minutes, coat it in a flavorful orange chicken sauce that has garlic, ginger, soy sauce, fresh oranges, brown sugar, and rice wine vinegar. This recipe is so good that it tastes just like your favorite takeout.

This Food Court-Inspired Orange Chicken

There's just something about orange chicken from a mall food court that takes you back. It's delicious and full of nostalgia, which is exactly what you'll get with this recipe that’s also from TikToker @iankewks. This one is super easy to follow, and will give you the best food court-inspired orange chicken you've ever had in no time. Top it off with some green onions and sesame seeds for a Insta-worthy plate.

This Orange Chicken Burrito

A fun way to enjoy your orange chicken at home is in a burrito. TikToker @the.wrapmaker has this orange chicken burrito recipe that includes rice, broccoli, and red bell pepper. It’s like orange chicken stir fry wrapped in a tortilla.

These Orange Chicken Pepper Wings

You’ve heard of lemon pepper wings. Well, you can make orange pepper wings as well that are just as citrusy and delicious. This recipe from TikToker @platedbydee uses seasonings like orange pepper and paprika with yellow mustard to coat the wings before frying. Add your orange chicken sauce on top made from orange juice, orange zest, orange marmalade, and honey, so you get a sweet, spicy, and fruity flavor.

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