This Is The Orange Chicken Burrito Panda Express SHOULD Be Making

There's nothing bad about good ol' Panda Express Orange Chicken. But sometimes, I just want Chinese food in burrito form and no one seems to be fulfilling my need.

Panda Express, please email me!

Luckily, making a Panda Express Orange Chicken Burrito is easy AF.

My buddy Matt and I grabbed an Orange Chicken combo, sides of fried rice, chow mein and veggies and doubled up on the meat. We made a sauce by mixing up some fresh ginger, soy sauce and Sriracha and drizzled it all over before rolling it up in a tortilla.

Once the burrito was assembled, we gave it a quick browning session in the skillet with some peanut oil. Game on:

Behold, the almighty orange chicken burrito.

For a closer look at how to make this bad boy, check out the video below!