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This Month Will Be Nothing Short Of Magical For 3 Zodiac Signs

Prepare to fall head over heels.

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The number of reasons to love October are truly endless. For starters, it’s the month in which autumn is truly beginning to flourish. The world is brimming with things like pumpkin patch excursions, hot beverages on crisp early mornings, and soft, wooly scarves. It’s also when the sun moves through beautiful, balanced, and harmonious Libra, sending gorgeous vibrations all throughout the zodiac. There’s something for everyone during this time of year. However, October 2021 will be the best month for these zodiac signs — Libra, Scorpio, and Sagittarius — and for them, it will be downright magical.

When the sun is in Venus-ruled Libra, your relationships become a top priority. Libra is all about connection, compromise, and camaraderie. This is the perfect time to set aside your differences with others and enjoy the excitement of reveling in someone’s company. Libra season is also when it’s easiest to fall in love, because Libra simply can’t resist a good romance. Prepare to fall head over heels, and not just with someone, but with poetry, luxury, and all things beautiful.

However, the sun won’t be in Libra all month long. As of Oct. 23, the torch will be passed over to smoldering, secretive, and sultry Scorpio. Embrace the deep energetic shift, because Scorpio has a way of encouraging you to get in touch with your dark side. I mean, is it any wonder that Halloween takes place during Scorpio season? Let your interest in all things taboo and macabre guide you through the completion of October, signing things off on a mystical note.

Here’s why the following zodiac signs should be excited:

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Libra: It’s Your Party And You Can Scream If You Want To

What are we celebrating? You, of course. After all, the month begins with Libra season well underway, radiating the posh, pretty, and poetic vibrations that you know so well. This month will encourage you to get yourself even more deeply than usual, because you’re made up of so many more shades than you might realize. However, Mercury is still retrograding through Libra until Oct. 18, which will definitely throw a few complications into the mix. Try not to make snap decisions about yourself just yet. Be patient, because time will tell you how you really feel.

Scorpio: You’re Getting Ready To Inherit The Cosmic Throne

Scorpio season begins on Oct. 23 and you can almost taste the beautiful energy that’s awaiting you by the end of the month. In the meantime, you’ve got some other things to look forward to. For example, Venus — planet of love and beauty — will be dancing through Scorpio until Oct. 7, sending her dashing vibrations your way and reminding you what a catch you truly are. But remember, this month could also bring up some heavy feelings. As the sun will move through your spiritual 12th house before Scorpio season begins, it will remind you of all the things that still need healing and releasing.

Sagittarius: You’re Batting Your Lashes And Feeling As Pretty As Ever

You may feel like you’re the star of the show this month, Sagittarius. On Oct. 7, romantic and beautiful Venus will enter your zodiac sign, sprinkling magical fairy dust all over you. If it feels like people are complimenting you way more than they usually do, you’ve got Venus to thank for that. You may feel inspired to put a little more effort into your makeup, fashion, and appearance. You might even feel like going out on a few dates, even if they’re dates with yourself. You are the hottest zodiac sign on the market.

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