Where to buy Mountain Dew Typhoon as it returns after 11 years away.

This Fan-Favorite Mountain Dew Flavor Is Back For The First Time In 11 Years

The weather forecast predicts a Typhoon.

Courtesy of Mountain Dew

Dew to popular demand, a fan-favorite soda flavor is making a grand return to the Mountain Dew lineup for summer 2022. After disappearing for more than a decade, Mountain Dew Typhoon is back, but the exclusive flavor will only be available in limited quantities. Talk about hard to get. If you want to be reunited with the flavor of your youth (or maybe try it for the first time), you’ll want to know where to buy Mountain Dew Typhoon because you won’t be able to score it off a store shelf.

For anyone not sure why this is such a big deal for soda stans, I’ll note that Mountain Dew Typhoon hasn’t been sold since 2011. The flavor is described on the can as “a blast of tropical punch.” TBH, with peak summer flavors, it’s no wonder Typhoon has been “highly requested” by fans ever since it was discontinued, as the company shared in an email to Elite Daily. So, now that it’s back, how do you get your hands on it?

Here’s the deal: Mountain Dew Typhoon will make its grand re-entrance on the DEW Store starting June 1 at noon EST, which means you can only buy it online. The catch is that you’ll have to be a DEW HQ member. According to the website, it’s a “free member portal made just for DEW Nation.” It’s also your gateway to the Mountain Dew Typhoon.

If you’re not a fan yet, it’s not too late to become one. Before the June 1 drop, sign up on the DEW HQ site and visit the MTN DEW Typhoon page to secure the bag on the day. The fruity flavor will cost $12 (not including shipping) and comes in six-packs of 16-ounce cans. And with a release this exclusive, each customer can only purchase two cases per order.

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Following in the footsteps of other throwback summer drinks, Mountain Dew Typhoon definitely packs some nostalgia. It goes all the way back to 2010, the year the Typhoon was first released alongside Mountain Dew Distortion and White Out as part of the brand’s second “Dew-mocracy” line-up, per the brand. The wait is finally over for Typhoon’s return, but in the decade since its debut, Mountain Dew hasn’t slowed down when it comes to new flavors. In fact, the iconic green sip now comes in four alcoholic versions too, called Hard Mountain Dew. A great addition if you’re 21 or over.

If you’re all about that throwback sip, though, remember to mark your calendars for June 1 to get in on the Mountain Dew Typhoon club.