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You Need To Listen To Your Inner Voice During This Mercury Retrograde

Take a pause.

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It might feel like the last Mercury retrograde cycle just ended, yet the second one of the year is already here. Don’t fear though, because it won’t be as bad as you think. Mercury retrograde gets blamed for a slew of frustrating things — sending a text to the wrong person, travel delays, annoying misunderstandings — but it’s actually a good time to pause, review, and reflect on how you interact with others and navigate life’s ups and downs. Retrogrades can feel especially frustrating, because they affect how you interact with others on a daily basis, but the spiritual meaning of Mercury retrograde spring 2021 is all about taking a moment to pause and listen to your inner voice.

While “retrograde” can sound like a pretty intimidating word, it essentially means that Mercury is slowing down, and appearing to go backward from your viewpoint here on Earth. It’s a time to redo, reflect, and reorganize your life, which is why previous themes that haven’t exactly been dealt with tend to come back around during this period. Mercury mainly rules over communication, the mind, how you process information, as well as traveling, since it’s the closest planet to the sun and it whips around the zodiac pretty swiftly.

Working with the energy of Mercury retrograde isn’t always easy, but this transit doesn’t necessarily mean all hope is lost. After all, Mercury stations retrograde three times every year, so it’s something that you’ve been through, time and time again. This time around, though, it’ll be stationing retrograde in Gemini on May 29, doubling down on communicative mishaps and misunderstandings among your peers. My advice: Remember to breathe.

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The Spiritual Meaning Of Mercury Retrograde Spring 2021

Since the communicative planet is slowing down during this time, it’s important to take cues from this apparent reversal in its path, and use it for personal growth and elevation. It’s the perfect time to get more deliberate about how you’re communicating with others and the world around you. What kinds of messages are you projecting into the universe? Is it a message that completely embodies who you are? Since Mercury will be retrograding through a sign that it rules, Gemini, you have the necessary resources in order to connect with your inner voice. What you really want to say is there, and it’s all about trusting your gut and being authentic to who you are.

During Mercury’s extended stay in Gemini, there will also be emphasis on learning, writing, and curiosity. Anything that piques your interest during this time is worth exploring, but be sure that you allow yourself to take your time with any new hobby or interest you pick up. Gemini is a sign that is always looking for the next interesting thing, but if you really lean into the energy of the retrograde and allow yourself to slow down, you’re sure to find something underneath the surface that’s worth further unpacking. As a human being, you’re always looking for the next exciting thing to stimulate you — but if you’re consciously practicing self-awareness, you can deepen your thinking, learning, and understanding to expand your mind, and improve your comprehension.

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