Young women during the May 2021 full blood moon lunar eclipse.

The Spiritual Meaning Of 2021’s First Eclipse Is About Transforming Your Mindset

It’s time for change.

Eclipse season is officially upon us, which means transformations and revelations are here again. The eclipse taking place this month — the total lunar eclipse in Sagittarius — is the first one of the year, so it may feel a bit intense, especially for mutable signs. Eclipses essentially mark a period of major change, and because Sagittarius revolves around communication and knowledge, the spiritual meaning of the May 2021 total lunar eclipse (aka blood moon) is all about transforming your mindset.

Eclipses always coincide with the signs the lunar nodes are in, which mark the points where the sun and moon's paths intersect. The lunar nodes/eclipses change signs every 18 months, so while they're traveling through the zodiac, they bring transformation to the houses they fall in your birth chart. The lunar nodes always fall in opposite signs on their axis. In this particular instance, the North Node is in Gemini, and the South Node is in Sagittarius. The polarity of these signs allows the changes to complement each other, but still have that yin-yang effect. Eclipses tend to have a pretty big impact on the world as a whole, too . In medieval times, astrologers noted that the eclipses often coincide with some form of societal change or natural disaster. Not to worry, though — it's far more likely that the transformations you'll see will be taking place within your life instead.


The Blood Moon In Sagittarius Takes Place On May 26, 2021 At 7:13 a.m. ET

Lunar eclipses only occur when there's an "eclipse" of light and the sun's rays can't reach the moon, which is the closest luminary to earth. The sun is our life force, so its warmth not being able to be transmuted by the moon is a pretty big deal. A lunar eclipse can be compared to a full moon that packs more punch, and a solar eclipse is like a new moon that packs more punch. The lunar eclipse on May 26 at 7:13 a.m. ET will be illuminating the area of your chart governed by Sagittarius, asking that you release any outdated belief systems or unrealistic ideals standing in the way of your upmost growth and expansion. The lunar eclipse will also be taking place just days before Mercury retrograde, further emphasizing how you communicate, your mental processes and your ability to recognize the bigger picture. It's important to remember that, because the sun's light won't be reaching the moon during this time, it's not advised to try and manifest or leave your crystals outside to bask in the moonlight (or lack thereof). The moon will be in an uncomfortable position during this time, so it's best to allow yourself to release any emotions without trying to harness this lunar energy in any way.

On a grander scale, eclipses tend to mark a turning point for us as individuals, because the two luminaries are the most personal planets to the collective. Anything released during an eclipse tends to be permanent — so if you've been waiting for a time to let something go, now is your chance. It can also collectively be a time of heightened emotion, so be wary of any confrontations or conflict during this time. It's not ideal to act impulsively under an eclipse, since adrenaline tends to run high. Be sure to take this time to rest, reflect, and allow yourself to release the outdated mindsets that have been holding you back.