May 17, 2021 Will Be The Best Week For These Zodiac Signs

These 3 Zodiac Signs Will Love The Astrology Taking Place This Week

The sun is out, the flowers are blooming, and the cool breeze of springtime is flowing through the air. The vibrations of spring are centered on rebirth and renewal, and since the sun has been traveling through down-to-earth Taurus, the focus has been on laying down the groundwork for a stronger self-esteem and a more vivid connection with the present moment. However, things are beginning to change this week, and May 17, 2021 will be the best week for these zodiac signs — Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius — so if you're an air sign, you've got a whole lot to look forward to.

After all, the sun enters Gemini on May 20. This mutable air sign is famed for its social intelligence, flare for variety, and flexible, open-minded perspective. This zodiac sign will speed things up, encouraging your mind to run as wild as the wind. You may find yourself becoming more interested in new subjects and you may even feel like expressing your ideas and exchanging your thoughts with others. Your mind will feel like a sponge during Gemini season, so be careful what kind of information you're absorbing.

Gemini season will be off to a chaotic but exciting start as the sun forms a square with expansive and adventurous Jupiter in Pisces on May 21. This will tap into your desire to dream big and indulge. It will encourage you to create emotionally transcendent experiences that leave you feeling breathless. Just be careful of drifting too far into outer space, because this energy doesn't make it easy to know your limits. Plus, on May 22, communicative Mercury will square off with hazy and disorienting Neptune, making it all the more difficult to see things clearly.

Regardless, air signs will love the astrology this week. Here's why:

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Gemini: It's Officially Your Birthday Season, So Live It Up

The energy this week is filled with positivity and excitement, especially for you, Gemini. Not only does Gemini season begin this week, but your relationships are also embracing stability as Venus in Gemini forms a trine with Saturn. This will bring you a deeper confidence in yourself as it enhances your whole perspective of love. Not only that, but the sun in Gemini will square off with Jupiter in your 10th house of career, encouraging you to shoot for the stars. You may feel more in touch with your authority and your desire for success, so why not go for the goal?

Libra: You're Feeling Way More Adventurous And Open-Minded

Now that the sun has entered your ninth house of expansion and freedom, you may start feeling more adventurous and ready to embrace spontaneous opportunities to open your mind and your heart. This is a spiritual yet exciting time for you, so spend it living your life to the fullest and truly squeezing every last drop out of the moment. Now's the time to spread your wings and find the courage to fly away. There's way too much beauty waiting for you just outside of your comfort zone, so why continue to wait in it?

Aquarius: You're In The Mood To Have Fun And Laugh

Cue Cyndi Lauper's "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun," because now that Gemini season is here, it's probably all you want to do. After all, the sun has officially entered your creative and passionate fifth house, encouraging you to do a deep dive into your artistic qualities and find the desire to express yourself without inhibition. There's a little kid still living inside of you, and no matter how much of an "adult" you might be, you never lose that instinct to create. Reconnect with that instinct.