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This Week Will Feel Like A Dream For Every Zodiac Sign, So Drift Off To A Beautiful Place

Don’t hit the snooze button too hard.

Last week was incredibly powerful, and chances are, you’re starting this week off strong. Ever since Venus — planet of love — and Mars — planet of power — entered Aquarius, you’ve been embracing heightened levels of enthusiasm about your social life and your intellectual pursuits. Aquarius is an incredibly intelligent and individualistic air sign, but it’s also the zodiac sign of community and friendship. With so much excitement underway, your March 7, 2022 weekly horoscope will help you make the most of it.

You’re still riding the wave of a Venus-Mars conjunction in Aquarius this week, which means that wonderful things could be unfolding in your life. You may feel a strong connection with a group of people that makes you feel like you can accomplish anything as long as you’re together. Right now, the more is definitely the merrier, so embrace all the love and inspiration that forms in a room full of people. These connections can also take place virtually, so don’t discount the level of inspiration that can form when communicating with loved ones online. What you learn from others has the power to propel you forward, so listen to other people’s stories and find the courage to share yours when you’re ready.

By the end of the week, this bright and motivating energy will begin to simmer, but that doesn’t mean it will be any less powerful. After all, on March 13, the sun in Pisces will join forces with Neptune — planet of dreams and unseen energy — encouraging you to explore your inner world and embrace empathy. Pisces is a highly spiritual water sign that comes to life when you set aside your ego and let compassion lead the way. As this energy increases your sensitivity, it will open you up to deeper love. It will also encourage you to explore your creative instincts, because your imagination is dripping with vivid beauty. And while this energy may be sleepy and dreamy, it’s beautiful enough to make you want to sleep for an eternity. In other words, you might want to set a few extra alarms in the morning.

However, Neptune isn’t just the planet of spirituality; it’s also the planet of deception and illusions. As this sun-Neptune conjunction takes place, you may be prone to overlooking the bad and concentrating on the good. Neptune can make you feel like you’re wearing rose-colored glasses, skewing the real truth. And because it also has a tendency to put you in a trusting mentality, it’s important to remember that trust is not something that should be given away so easily. After all, looks can be deceiving.

Here’s what this upcoming week has in store for you, according to your sun and/or rising sign:

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You’re experiencing friction in your social life this week, but it’s enticing you to deepen your connections. You’re learning that relationships aren’t always smooth and receptive, but transformative and confronting. However, as you deepen your introspection and embrace your desire to be alone, you’re also healing the relationship you have with the most secretive part of yourself. Meditate, journal, rest, and connect with your inner voice.


This week, you may feel more competitive and ready to prove yourself. You’re catching a second wind and it’s inspiring you to release the sails, moving faster and prouder than ever before. If you want something, now’s the time to chase after it. However, you’re not simply searching for personal gain. In fact, you’re embracing a deeper form of success by giving back to others. You’re learning that if your heart isn’t in the right place, something must be off.


If the walls that surround you feel constricting, it’s time to break free from whatever may be holding you back. This week, your hunger for knowledge and expansion is impossible to ignore, guiding you to learn what lies on the other side of the horizon. The unknown may be scary, but it’s also irresistible. Do what feels right to you. Move in the direction that pulls you. Let everyone think what they want to think, because they’ll gossip either way.


This week, the power dynamics of your relationship are coming to life. You may feel the tension rising, pushing you to deepen your love and embrace your desires. However, keep in mind that what you desire may not necessary be what’s best for you. And because everything comes and goes, you’re feeling more comfortable moving with the changing currents. Plans are never truly set in stone, because spontaneous moments are where the magic happens.

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Your relationships are heating up this week. Embrace the fact that every relationship is a careful dance and remaining in flow with your partner is how you prevent a misstep. Move as one and let your energy combine rather than conflict. Focus on what you both want and how you can obtain it together. However, remember to set boundaries and guidelines that keep this a fair game. After all, it’s easy to overstep your limits when there’s passion.


You may feel supercharged with energy this week and inspired to refine your daily routine and be as productive as possible. You’re in the mood to nourish your wellbeing and improve your physicality. However, you may have a tendency to go overboard and overindulge, so remember — sometimes, less is more. And sometimes, the simplest actions have the most depth. Embrace empathy and let love inspire you to be a more consistent and giving person.


You’re embracing so much creativity, romance, and abundance this week. You’re ready to do things that reinvigorate your spirit, because your artistic urges are impossible to repress. If you feel the desire to do something daring, let that courage inspire you to express yourself. Power is not about perfection, but about confidence. However, your energy is finite and you don’t to waste it on something that doesn’t light your inner fire.


Your home life is revving up with energy this week. You may feel a commotion in your personal space, and although you may crave peace and quiet, you can’t help but feel inspired by the love in the room. Let a feeling of familiarity and belonging guide you towards some of the most creative energy at your disposal. Your imagination is glimmering and you’re embracing the power to make the world more beautiful, one moment at a time.

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This week, you’re experiencing an increase in the level of communication in your life, deepening desire to form meaningful connections. Although some exchanges may be rife with intensity, your mind is powerful enough to rise to the challenge. You’re smarter than you think, so embrace confidence in your intellect. You’re also more lovable than you think, and this week, you’re tapping into warmth, tenderness, and security in a way that makes you feel held.


You’re in a powerful position to increase your earnings and up the level of luxury in your life. Embrace your sensuality and your earthly desires, because you’re attracting wealth and abundance like a magnet at the moment. Making a daring decision with your finances might just pay off. However, you’re also learning that stability stretches far beyond money matters. If you don’t make your needs known, no one will be able to deliver on them.


This week, you’re taking a lot of heat, but you’re also creating it. You may feel a deepening level of desire and ambition, prompting you to make your desires known and to fight against whatever may be withholding your pleasure. Embrace the fact that you may be a polarizing figure, but the love makes the negativity all worth it. You’re recognizing your worth and learning how to let go of mindsets that lead to scarcity rather than abundance.


There’s a *lot* going on behind the scenes this week. While the world continues moving on without you, it might feel like you’re carrying an ocean within you that no one knows about or understands. Instead of feeling isolated with this beauty, recognize how lucky you are to have exclusive access to such beauty. You never alone, not when your spirituality is always leaving you in such good company. Extend forgiveness towards others, but more importantly, extend it toward yourself.