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If You're 1 Of These 3 Signs, The Stars Are Working In Your Favor This Week

Let your heart lead the way.

Another week, another opportunity to give it your all. In astrology, your horoscope is always evolving, and as the planets make moves, you’re encouraged to move too. You’re lucky to be here right now, because there are so many exciting things happening in this moment in the sky. And if you happen to be one of the zodiac signs who will have the best week of March 7, 2022 — Scorpio, Aquarius, and Pisces — you should know the cosmic tides are turning in your favor.

You’re embracing a surge of inspiration as this week begins. Venus — planet of love — is in conjunction with with Mars — planet of desire — which is raising the romantic stakes and replenishing your well of artistic energy. Because Venus and Mars are joining forces in social, intellectual, and community-oriented Aquarius, it’s not just your love life that will blossom, but your friendships too. Embrace platonic love, because it’s just as meaningful (if not more). Let this wave of creativity inspire you to take build toward something that benefits the people you care about.

The sun is still in Pisces, and this week, you’re wading even more deeply into the ocean of this mysterious water sign. After all, on March 13, the sun will join forces with Neptune in Pisces. In astrology, Neptune is the planet of spirituality, fantasy, and imagination, but it’s also the planet of illusions and deception. Neptune can take you to some incredibly beautiful places, but you might get lost along the way. Embrace your desire to go on a dreamy adventure, but remember to leave behind bread crumbs that will lead you back home.

Here’s why those born born under the influence of Scorpio, Aquarius, and Pisces are about to have such a gorgeous week:

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Scorpio: You’re Embracing Your Desire To Express Yourself

You’ve learned so much about how you manage your attachments and learn to live with your sense of control. And now that you’ve demanded what you deserve and you’ve set your boundaries, you’re ready to release all the work and see where the love takes you from here-on out. No matter the recent decisions you’ve made in your relationships, you’re prepared to throw your heart out there and let it soak up what this world has to offer. At the end of the day, love is *always* worth the risk in your book.

Aquarius: You’re Riding A Wave Of Confidence And Courage

As you regain your sense of confidence and self-acceptance, you’re ready to embrace change as you learn more and you continue to grow. You’re entertaining new ideas this week and solving bigger problems, but you’re also ready to release these thoughts and let them process on their own. Not every question needs to be answered right now, but you’re satisfied with the pace in which these ideas continue to arrive. A bigger picture is gradually gaining focus, and in due time, you’ll be able to see even more details.

Pisces: You’re Deepening Your Relationship With Yourself

You’re at the top of your game right now and the universe is elevating your energy to a much higher potential. As you reflect on how far you’ve already come, you’re realizing that your journey makes you a person who’s worthy of love and of being listened to. This week, you’ll find that everyone wants to listen to you, because your presence is enchanting others until they’re lulled by your magical energy. You have so much to show the world, and as you pave the way for others, you’re also paving the way for yourself.