The cast of 'Love Is Blind' Season 4 in a filming location in Seattle.
16 Love Is Blind Filming Locations You Can Visit In Seattle

Grab a bite to eat where Zack and Bliss had their first date.


The show’s format may stay the same, but the drama and cities change each season of Love Is Blind. This time around, couples who found love in the pods like Brett and Tiffany call Seattle, Washington their home. Seattle might be most famous as the home of Starbucks coffee and grunge music, but there’s more to explore and hidden gems to discover. For anyone planning a trip to the Pacific Northwest who happens to also be a fan of the show, you may want to add a few of the Love Is Blind Seattle filming locations to your agenda as well.

Once the couples left their luxe resort in Mexico — aside from Zack and Irina — they traveled back to their hometown to see if their relationships could last outside of their Love Is Blind bubble. This is when fans got to see a bit more of Seattle as the couples introduced their partners to their friends and family. A lot of the Love Is Blind locations in Seattle are eateries and bars, like the bar where Paul introduced Micah to his mom — aka Micah’s twin.

This list of Love Is Blind filming spots is great for traveling foodies, but you can also make a pit stop on your Seattle vacay to check out the houses where the couples stayed together or even spend the day on a boat like the one Zack proposed to Bliss on. If you’re looking for travel recommendations, let Love Is Blind Season 4 be your guide.

The Love Is Blind Townhouses Where Couples Stayed

One of the most recognizable Love Is Blind locations in Seattle for fans are the townhouses that the couples stayed in after returning from Mexico. This was their first chance to live together in the real world. And while you won’t be able to actually go inside one of the houses, you can always snap a pic outside as you’re walking around the Madison Valley neighborhood of Seattle.

Smith Where Zack And Bliss Had Their First Date

Zack returned to Seattle a single man after it didn’t work out with Irina in Mexico, and ran straight to Bliss to apologize at Smith in Capitol Hill. Both fans and Bliss were reluctant to give Zack a second chance, but you can definitely give his choice of restaurants a try on your trip to Seattle. Smith is only open early on weekends for brunch, but for the rest of the week, they open at night. Stop in for happy hour drinks before heading off to your next Love Is Blind location.

Poquitos Where Micah Called Out Irina

Also in Capitol Hill, you’ll find the Mexican restaurant where Micah confronted Irina about flirting with her fiancé, Paul. Hopefully, your conversation at Poquitos will be less spicy unless you’re talking about the jalapeño queso for the table.

Fogón Cocina Mexicana Where Tiffany Introduced Brett To Her Friends

Another Mexican restaurant to add to your list is Fogón Cocina Mexicana. This is where Brett met Tiffany’s best friends and shared how they met and fell in love. When they first sit down, Tiffany’s friends mention the Ultimate Margarita which they wanted to order for the table. If you’re 21 and up, grab yourself a margarita, which comes with fresh lime, Conmemorativo Añejo, orange liqueur, simple syrup, and a chile-infused tequila.

La Cocina Oaxaqueña Where Paul And Zack Have A Post-Mexico Chat

The Love Is Blind couples must have really fallen in love with Mexico while they were there, because Paul and Zack also chose a Mexican restaurant for their first get together post-vacay. La Cocina Oaxaqueña is where Zack tells Paul what happened after he met up with Bliss. This Love Is Blind filming location was a bit harder to track down, but TikToker @_yagonnaeatthat found it thanks to a picture on the wall. TikTok sleuthing is no joke.

Rein Haus Where Micah Met Paul’s Mom

At the start of Episode 7, Paul introduces Micah to her lookalike — aka his mom — at Rhein Haus. The beer hall was an odd choice for a filming location, according to locals like TikToker @_hattz, but it seems like a fun place for tourists to visit while in Seattle. You can grab a German beer with your besties or a giant soft pretzel like Micah, Paul, and his mom do.

Lake Union Where Zack Proposed To Bliss

For something more adventurous, rent a boat out on Lake Union during your Seattle trip. This is where Zack proposed to Bliss right at sunset. A standard boat rental is just $139 an hour for up to 10 people. Just be careful about what shoes you’re wearing. No one wants to fall like Tanya in The White Lotus.

Olympia Coffee Where Micah Introduced Paul To Her Fam

When in Seattle, drinking coffee is a must. While you may want to stop by the OG Starbucks, you should also visit Olympia Coffee. This is where Paul met Micah’s mom and dad for the first time — aka when Paul met Paul. There are quite a few Olympia Coffee cafes, but the one that Love Is Blind used was the one in Columbia City.

Rub-A-Dub Dog Wash Where Kwame and Chelsea Talk About Compromising

If you’re on vacay, you might not have a reason to stop by Rub-a-Dub Dog, but this is where Chelsea and Kwame have their serious discussion about children in Episode 8. Instead of having a tense convo when you visit, stop by to pick up some toys or treats for your fur friend back home.

The Alibi Room Where Micah Introduced Paul To Her Friends

Take Micah’s lead and hang with your friends at The Alibi Room. Hopefully, your BFFs are better than Micah’s, who fans think are the worst friends ever. If you work well together, you could even make your own pizza from the menu and order some delicious drinks for happy hour. Before you leave, try and reenact the “sad Paul scene,” like @_yagonnaeatthat.

Elsom Cellars Where They Celebrated Chelsea’s Birthday

In Episode 8, the couples got together for a mini reunion to celebrate Chelsea’s birthday at Elsom Cellars. The tasting room is open Friday to Sunday, so if you’re looking to stop by, you can make a reservation online. Unfortunately, your wine won’t come served in a Love Is Blind golden wine glass.

Light Sleeper Where Paul And Micah Discuss Their Wedding

As their big day approaches, Paul and Micah meet up at Light Sleeper in Capitol Hill. This Insta-worthy bar is a cute location for you and your friends to grab a drink or bite to eat. This is also a hidden gem — Paul and Micah admit they had been there before the show.

Rapport Where Zack Meets Bliss’ Family

What’s cool about the bar where Zack is first introduced to Bliss’ family is that its a self-pour bar. Rapport allows you to serve yourself a glass of wine or pint of beer. It’s definitely a unique experience, and they have a happy hour every day from 3 p.m. to 6 p.m.

Lawless Forge Where Paul And Micah Made Their Own Wedding Bands

Something unique that you can do in Seattle is make your own jewelry at Lawless Forge. This is where Paul and Micah make their own wedding rings. They have public classes available where you can make things like a bottle opener, steel rings, and a metal flower bouquet.

Underbelly Where The Guys Had Their Bachelor Party

For a night out on the town, you may want to stop by the basement bar where the guys had their bachelor party on Love Is Blind. Underbelly has a great menu of cocktails and food, if you’re getting hungry.

Unicorn Where The Girls Had Their Bachelorette Party

Of course, you can also stop by the bar where the girls have their bachelorette party on Love Is Blind Season 4. Unicorn is a little more Insta-worthy inside with fun and kitschy decor. They also have Mimosas Cabaret, which is a drag brunch.