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Make A “Fold In The Cheese” Towel With These Schitt's Creek DIY Kits

Who’s down for a craft night with fruit wine?


You may still not know how to fold in the cheese, but what you do know is that your favorite characters and moments from Schitt’s Creek still live rent-free in your head. Even though the hilarious series ended in 2020, you’ve been marathon-watching it on Netflix whenever you need a comfort show to turn on. While you’re revisiting the Rose family, you can get your craft on with the Lion Brand Schitt’s Creek yarn collection.

Not only does the collab collection feature yarns inspired by the show, but it also boasts knit kits as well so you can make your very own Schitt’s Creek crafts. If there are times where you catch yourself saying “bébé” instead of baby or “ew, David” when something grosses you out, you definitely will love each and every one of these DIY kits in the Lion Brand Yarn Schitt’s Creek collection. In fact, it calls for a craft night with your besties. All you need is some fruit wine cocktails and a folded cheese charcuterie board for snacking on while you knit a Moira Rose-inspired beret or Café Tropical sweater.

You could even throw on some of your fave episodes to watch as you work. If this sounds like a journey you could really love for yourself, check out these nine items in the Schitt’s Creek knitting collection available now.

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Schitt’s Creek Yarn

Of course, the main star of the Lion Brand Schitt’s Creek collection is the new set of inspired yarn colors. Each of the eight new shades are inspired by memorable characters or moments from the show, like this blue named Bobs Garage and a red shade named Rosebud Motel. Honestly, the Black Crow and Rose Apothecary colors are a must for any yarn collection as well.

“Ew, David” Afghan Knit Kit

Get cozy as you’re watching Schitt’s Creek by knitting yourself an “Ew, David” blanket. This knit kit comes with everything you need including the pattern and Schitt’s Creek yarn colors Black Crow and Hide Your Diamonds. When you finish, you may just squeal “Yay, David” like Alexis.

Moira Rose Beret Knit Kit

If you’re not “positively bedeviled with meetings et cetera,” you may want to try making yourself an adorable beret inspired by Moira Rose’s incredible collection. This knit kit comes with the pattern you need and the black and white yarn to make it happen.

“Love That Journey For Me” Pillow Knit Kit

Add a bit of Schitt’s Creek to your couch or bed with this Alexis Rose quote pillow. It features her inspiring line, “Love that journey for me.” While the kit includes everything you need, you can also just get the pattern ($5) and choose your own yarn colors from the Schitt’s Creek collection that better match your home color aesthetic.

“Fold in the Cheese” Dish Towel Knit Kit

Let’s face it, the “fold in the cheese” scene from Schitt’s Creek is iconic. You may even think about it every time you make enchiladas at home. Now, you can be reminded of the scene whenever you cook with this “fold in the cheese” dish towel. Hopefully, the pattern included is more helpful than Moira Rose’s instructions to David.

Café Tropical Sweater Knit Kit

Show your Schitt’s Creek love every time you run out to grab a latte from your fave cafe. That’s thanks to this cozy and cute Café Tropical sweater. When ordering the knit kit, you can even swap out the yarn color to something more vibrant like a yellow to match the color of the booths in the actual Café Tropical.

Disgruntled Pelican Beret Knit Kit

Now you really can look like a disgruntled pelican with this fashionable beret. While this may not be what Moira Rose meant, this inspired knitted beret is sure to get a reaction out of your friends when you wear it. This particular beret is made with the Bobs Garage yarn color, but you can swap it out for any of the Schitt’s Creek yarn colors. The Johnny Suit Grey will look especially cute with any OOTD you have planned.

“Warmest Regards” Hat Kit

If the Stevie to your David is having a birthday soon, you may want to make them a hat to send your “warmest regards.” Inspired by this bestie saying, this crotched hat is not only super cute but will also keep your BFF warm this winter. This kit also gives you the option to switch out yarn colors, and TBH, the Rosebud Motel red is as sweet as the motel’s cinnamon buns.

Property of Rosebud Motel Garment Tag

Want to add a special Schitt’s Creek touch to all your handmade crafts? If yes, you’ll love these Schitt’s Creek garment tags. Lion Brand has two options to choose from — this “property of Rosebud Motel” one and a “Rose Apothecary exclusive” one. It’s with a tiny touch like this that will make all your projects feel like they’re from the actual Schitt’s Creek universe.