Young couple kissing on the most romantic day of June 2021.

Day 1 Of Cancer Season Will Be The Best For Every Zodiac Sign’s Relationships

You’ll be feeling the love.

If Gemini season’s taught you anything, it’s how to adapt and communicate more efficiently, and it’s likely done wonders for your relationships. Gemini season has been all about multitasking, practicing hobbies, and socializing, but as you step into Cancer season, this busy, mentally charged energy will be redirected toward the things that bring you comfort and emotional security. Mental connection can provide fulfillment through shared ideas, but the deeper, intimate connections you crave have likely been neglected in recent weeks. Not to worry though, because June 21, 2021 (aka the start of Cancer season) will be the most romantic day of the month for every zodiac sign, deepening and enhancing all the relationships in your life in the best ways possible.

On this special day in June, Venus in Cancer will be trine Neptune in Pisces, adding a dreamy, idealistic enhancement to your relationships. If you’ve been feeling like your connections have been missing something, this is the day to show them a little extra love. Venus’ stay in Cancer is amplifying your emotions and intuition, and is prompting you to seek safety and solace in different areas of your birth chart. Neptune’s the planet of illusion, so it may distort reality a bit as it connects with the love planet on June 21, so it’s important not to get too wrapped up in your fairy-tale romance during this time.

The nurturing, affectionate energy that’ll be hanging in the air on the first day of Cancer season is ideal for everyone, both personally and professinally. Here’s how you can work with the loving energy of this day, according to your zodiac sign:

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Aries: Enjoy A Sweet Date Night At Home

You’ve been on the go a lot lately. On this love-filled day, it’s ideal to spend your time indoors with your family, friends, or partner. You’re all about initiation, but the water sign energy of June 21 is prompting you to sit back, relax, and enjoy some quiet time with your loved ones. You deserve to kick up your feet sometimes, so be sure to treat yourself to the company of others from the comfort of your own home.

Taurus: Your Communicative Skills Are Being Infused With Compassion

On this special day, you’ll find that communication is something that takes place effortlessly in all of your relationships. This is the perfect day to have important conversations with the people in your life, because they’re guaranteed to go over well. Your friends and romantic partners always value your words, but on June 21, their ears are wide open and they’ll be hanging on to every word.

Gemini: Your Career Is In Alignment With Your Finances

You’ve been working hard these last few weeks in your career, and on June 21, you’ll begin to notice your efforts really paying off. You’ve likely piqued interest from a boss or colleague, and they’re likely to show appreciation for your hard work and effort during this time. This is a great day to ask for that well-deserved raise you’ve been eyeing, or simply launch a new project or idea to your team. However you choose to work with this energy professionally will pay off, because you’re really being valued for everything you bring to the table.

Cancer: You’ve Got Everyone’s Attention

As Venus travels through your first house of self, the attention you’ll be receiving on June 21 will be relentless, in the best way possible. You’ve been dedicating a lot of your time to personal growth, and on this special day, people will really start to acknowledge your nurturing, magnetic energy. When Venus travels through the first house, it tends to place emphasis on indulgences, so be sure to treat yourself in moderation. You’re stepping into the spotlight, so be sure to bask in those warm rays.

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Leo: Your Intuitive Abilities Are Strengthening

This has been a pretty romance-oriented year for you already, Libra — since you’ve had Jupiter and Saturn traveling through your seventh house — but on June 21, your intuitive abilities and boundaries in relationships are being acknowledged. You’ve been working hard to maintain healthy relationships with yourself and the people around you, and you’ll really begin to see those efforts pay off. Others will flock to you because of the personal transformations you’ve been experiencing, so it’ll be important to exercise your intuition when assessing if you’re truly compatible with them. Be sure to trust your gut during this time.

Virgo: Spend Time Deepening Your Relationships

On June 21, Venus in your 11th house of friends will be connecting with Neptune in your seventh house of relationships, making this a creative, romantic, and pleasurable time in all of your social encounters. This is the perfect day to socialize, go out on (safe) dates, and connect with others. You’re being perceived as nurturing and open-hearted on this day, so be sure to seize the moment if you’re looking for a sweet summer romance.

Libra: Your Professional Life Is Getting A Boost

Cancer season will be all about career growth for you, and this transit on June 21 will bring you a little taste of that. Venus traveling through your 10th house of career is bringing unity, creativity, and pleasure to your creative endeavors, and every career decision you make on this day will benefit you long-term. Be sure to lean into this energy if you’re looking to take a risk in your career, launch an exciting new creative project, or begin a fun new collaboration. You’re ruled by Venus, so this energy is definitely going to be on your side.

Scorpio: You’re Experiencing Unity In Your Romantic And Spiritual Endeavors

You’re experiencing growth creatively, sexually, and spiritually. Who doesn’t want more of that? On June 21, you’ll likely feel prompted to indulge in all feel-good activities, and it’s a great time to do it with a romantic partner. Couples yoga, a quick (safe) getaway, or an art class is a great way to utilize Venus traveling through your fifth house of pleasure, fun, and creativity. You’ve been prioritizing managing your home life over the last few months, so June 21 is the perfect day to break out of hermit mode and go have some fun.

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Sagittarius: Enjoy Some Relaxing Time At Home

Gemini season has definitely had you on the move, but on June 21, you’ll feel intuitively inclined to take the day off, relax, and spend some time reflecting on the last few weeks. You experienced not one, but two eclipses in two very personal houses (the first house of self, and the seventh house of relationships), and you’re currently navigating the murky waters of Mercury retrograde. Venus traveling through your eighth house is asking that you reevaluate your relationships, boundaries, and how you fulfill your desires for intimacy, so it’s essential to honor that time. Neptune and Jupiter traveling through your fourth house of home and family is also doubling down on your need to withdraw, so be sure to clear your calendar and take some time to rest on this day. You’ve earned it.

Capricorn: This Day Is All About Communicating Your Needs

As someone who tends to be a bit reserved, Cancer season can prompt some uncomfortable feelings from your end. Venus traveling through your seventh house of relationships is asking you to evaluate your romantic and intimate needs so that you can communicate them to your partner, and June 21 is the perfect day to do so. Your words are sweet like honey on this day — as Neptune moves through your third house of communication — so if there’s anything you’ve been meaning to get off your chest, now’s the time.

Aquarius: Your Daily Habits And Routines Are Getting Some Love

While Gemini season has illuminated your fifth house, prompting socialization and fun, Venus in your sixth house of daily habits and responsibilities is bringing unity to your daily practices. Despite being more on the unconventional side, you tend to thrive when you have an established schedule to keep your day moving swiftly, and June 21 is the day to find the beauty and ease in routine. You’ll also be prompted to restructure your finances at this time, likely leaving you feeling rejuvenated and refreshed.

Pisces: Your Personal Awakening Is In Full Effect

You’ve been experiencing a lot of personal growth over the last several weeks, and June 21 will really encompass that. With Jupiter and Neptune traveling through your first house of self, you’re a beacon of spiritual growth, intuition, and creativity. Venus traveling through your fifth house of creativity is spiking your artistic endeavors, and today will be the perfect time to exercise your artistic muscles.