Joe Jonas shows how to Bridgerton in a Tanqueray video.

Watch Joe Jonas Turn Into A Bridgerton In This Hilarious Instagram Video

Plus, you could win tickets to a Bridgerton ball complete with a Regency outfit.

Joe Jonas already looks like he could be one of the Bridgertons with his perfectly coiffed hair and dashing good looks. After receiving many comments from fans telling him how much he looks like a Bridgerton, the “Sucker” singer decided to trade in his microphone for a fancy cup of tea in a new Instagram post. Joe Jonas’ how to T-time like a Bridgerton video even demonstrates just what you need to do in order to pass as a Bridgerton as well.

With Season 2 of the Netflix series dropping on March 25, there’s no better time to embrace the Regency era vibes than right now. The hilarious how to Bridgerton tutorial posted to Jonas’ IG also features comedian Phoebe Robinson and Bridgerton star Jonathan Bailey — aka Anthony Bridgerton — who is there to help guide Jonas and Robinson on their classy journey. The How To T-Time Like A Bridgerton video is in collaboration with Tanqueray, which puts the T in “T-time.” Tanqueray has also teamed up with Netflix to release limited-edition Bridgerton-inspired Tanqueray cocktail kits that are available for pre-sale now and will make your marathon-watch of Season 2 even more entertaining.

If you do decide to embrace your Bridgerton side, you could even win some cool Bridgerton-inspired experiences by entering Tanqueray’s Bridgerton giveaway. By posting your own #makeitTtime pics and videos to social media, you could win one of the following:

  • Access to Netflix’s The Queen’s Ball experience in New York City. Your trip will include hotel accommodations along with a stylist appointment to pick out a Regency era outfit for the experience. You’ll also get a “T-time” happy hour.
  • A Bridgerton watch party for you and 10 friends in a hotel suite that has been decorated with Regencycore decor and “T-time” cocktails to sip on.
  • A live oil painting experience, where you and nine of your friends will get styled to look like you’re a Bridgerton and have a live painter create an oil painting for you all to take home.

Let’s not get ahead of ourselves, though. If you’re feeling like a Bridgerton, you’ll want to know all three steps of how to Bridgerton like Joe Jonas.

Step 1: Looking Fancy

As Bailey says in the video, in order “to be a Bridgerton, you have to look like a Bridgerton, act like a Bridgerton.” This may require a little Regencycore upgrade to your wardrobe. While you don’t have to wear the same puffy shirt and coattails as Jonas does in the video, you could incorporate more puffy sleeve shirts and A-line dresses into your wardrobe. Your goal is to look fancy, and one way to do that is to finish off your lewk with a Tanqueray cocktail in your hand. Now, if you’d like to take a sippin’ selfie with your fancy drink for the ‘Gram, that leads up to the next step.

Step 2: Sipping

This is “T-time” after all, so you need to know the classy way to hold your drink. You want to make a good impression and not end up in Lady Whistledown’s papers. According to Bailey, your pinky “must always be up” when sipping your drink. You’ll also want to work on your posture as your back should be straight.

Once you’ve got the posture nailed down, you can pour your tea. Since this is not your traditional teatime, you can mix together a Tanqueray cocktail like Jonas does or try one of the Tanqueray x Bridgerton cocktails available. Each one of the kits is based on the different families featured in Season 2 of Bridgerton. The Bridgerton kit comes with Tanqueray, honey syrup, dried blueberries, blueberry hibiscus tea, lemons, and blue tulip garnish picks to mix a drink titled Diamond of the Season.

There’s also a Featherington kit that comes with Tanqueray orange gin, jasmine mint syrup, lemons, and green tulip garnish picks to make a Birds of a Featherington drink. The newest family to be introduced in Season 2 is the Sharma family, and they have inspired the third cocktail kit. The Sharma Twist kit comes with Tanqueray lime gin, sparkling wine, earl grey lavender syrup, lavender bitters, lavender stems, and lemons for you to mix all together. Each kit also makes up to eight drinks and comes with white elbow-length gloves, glass cocktail teacups, and gold teaspoons, which reference the Duke of Hastings’ infamous spoon-licking scene from Season 1. Even Jonas is asked to lick his spoon in the “How To Bridgerton” video, so it’s a must.

Step 3: Dancing

Courtesy of Tanqueray

Dancing is the third and final step in becoming a Bridgerton. Once you’ve got the OOTD picked out and a “T-time” cocktail in hand, dancing does seem like the next logical step for a fun night with your Bridgerton-loving besties. Of course, you want to try to keep it “delicate” and “sophisticated,” according to Bailey.

Once you’ve nailed these steps, you’ll be ready to be a “really distant, estranged cousin” of the Bridgertons like Joe Jonas.