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The First Week Of 2022 Is Giving You Time To Catch Your Breath

It’s the calm before the storm, TBH.

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You can breathe a sigh of relief, because the holidays are over, which is taking off a lot of the pressure. Even though it’s a new year, there’s still plenty of baggage from 2021 to tend to. Venus — planet of love and money — is still retrograding through Capricorn, bringing up relationship conflicts and unresolved financial complications. The year may be different, but nothing’s gonna change if you’re not willing to work things out. Luckily, your January 3, 2022 weekly horoscope is providing you a moment to catch your breath and suss the situation out. It’s even providing you some positive energy to further your progress.

On Jan. 3, expansive Jupiter will square off with the North Node of destiny, which could make you feel like you’ve reached a fork in the road. You may feel as though you can’t remain where you are, in a place in-between two very different decisions. One option may seem more familiar, and maybe even more comfortable. The other option may seem far more challenging, but probably has the potential to bring you more reward.

Venus retrograde will form a sextile with dreamy and empathetic Neptune on Jan. 5, which could give you the kindness necessary to get on the same page as someone. It will also help you find a deeper sense of forgiveness that allows you to put the past behind you. However, it could also cause you to romanticize something that you’ve outgrown. Once the sun in Capricorn joins forces with Venus on Jan. 8, you may feel like a conflict or theme that’s been gaining precedence becomes more emphasized, leading to a new development.

In fact, a conversation could turn out to be an incredibly healing experience by Jan. 9, when chatty Mercury forms a sextile with nurturing Chiron. Be aware of everyone’s lived experiences, because it could shed so much light on why they’re feeling the way they are now. Opening your heart to someone you trust could put so many things into perspective.

Here’s what your horoscope for the first week of 2022 says, according to your zodiac sign:



This week, you’re learning a lot about how to let go of the fear that prevents you from saying what you need to say; something that is meaningful and true to your heart. If it feels like you need to compartmentalize your life, you may feel encouraged to bringing more of your emotional energy into your work. You don’t always have to put up a perfect front, especially if being honest makes you so much more relatable.


The desire to be a more valuable member of your community will be your motivating force this week. You may even feel inspired to set some financial goals that help you bring your vision to life in a more concrete way. However, you’re being pulled to explore routes you’ve already taken and reconnect with the positive mindset that will help further your dreams. Perhaps, you’ve always known the answers; you just need a little time to remember them.


You may feel like the gears are turning this week, and if they’re not, you may feel compelled to make a decision to take a risk that shakes things up. You’re getting more clarity about what you’re truly meant to do with your life. In fact, you may even experience a revelation that helps you bring a lingering project to completion. Whether you’re returning to something and picking up where you left off or letting your work go and starting all over, it’s meaningful.


This week, you may feel a push to see things differently. Looking inward may not be an easy process, but this week, introspection can lead to so many healing revelations about what you’ve been through. In the grand scheme of things, forgiveness always sets you free. A more open-minded perspective could even give you a better understanding of your relationship dynamics, as though you’re on the outside looking in.



This week, you may feel like you’re ready to leave certain things behind. It may be time to cut cords that continue to connect you with past situations, especially as they relate to your finances and your relationships. Have faith in what you’re capable of building toward, because life doesn’t just happen to you. If you choose to stay where you’re placed, you’ll never know where you’ll end up if you explore beyond your horizon.


Your career is pointing you in a new direction, one that may involve another person. However, this week, you may feel a conflict that prevents you from working with someone in a way that works *for* you rather than against you. There’s a way to preserve the integrity of what you’re trying to express while giving someone else a chance to have their influence over your work. In fact, together, you could create something you wouldn’t have been able to on your own.


This week, focusing so much on the details and the process could derail your ability to understand what you’re aiming for. If you find yourself spending too much on something innocuous and forgetting to see the big picture, take a step back. Simplify your actions and focus on the ones that matter, especially when you’re tackling issues that hit close to home. A little sensitivity, patience, and selflessness will go a long way.


Your desires may feel especially potent this week, but acting on them may not necessarily bring you the peace you’re seeking. Of all the ways to express yourself and tap into the magic you’re looking for, choose the one that challenges you the most; the one that requires some courage. When you’re discussing sensitive topics with others, get playful and creative with your method of communicating. Not every conversation needs to be so serious.



This week, you may find that some of the habits and emotional dynamics you’ve established throughout your life are not conducive to your current relationships. It may be time to unlearn some of the patterns you’ve learned, because they’re not protecting you the way they once did. Work on building something more grounded instead; something that prioritizes stability over drama. You’re learning how to thrive differently.


The pressure to get a lot done at once could distract you from the course of your plan this week. Although shortcuts may seem enticing, too many can make your longterm success more fallible, so why not take your time instead? However, zeroing in on your intention could help you get you’re point across more clearly. It may be time to discuss something that brings you closer to self-acceptance, because it could bring you the compassion you need.


If you’re too concerned about making the wrong move or rocking the boat, you may struggle to get the creative juices flowing. When you tap into that elusive inspiration, it doesn’t happen within your comfort zone. It happens when you let it all go. Instead of overthinking the way you feel or critiquing your work before it’s finished, give yourself permission to get it all wrong. The lesson you’re learning now is about forgiveness; of which, you have an unlimited supply.


You may be afraid of losing yourself right now, especially if you feel forced to change in a way that feels uncomfortable to you. However, sometimes, setting aside your own needs is the right thing to do, especially if it means helping someone else meet theirs. And if you feel like people have let you down in the past, remember that it’s OK to take the high road. At the end of the day, you may never get the apologies you deserve, but that doesn’t mean you can’t forgive from a distance.

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