I Burn For Caffeine
I tried International Delight's 'Bridgerton' coffee creamers and iced coffee.

I Tried International Delight’s Bridgerton-Inspired Coffee Creamers

Author Julia Quinn spills the tea on the new caffeinated beverages.

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Dearest reader, you may have to wait until May 16 to reunite with the Ton in Bridgerton Season 3, but International Delight has something sweet for you to enjoy now. Inspired by the Netflix show and book series from author Julia Quinn, the company has two Bridgerton-themed flavors of coffee creamers and a ready-to-enjoy iced coffee option.

During a celebration of International Delight’s Bridgerton-inspired Berries & Créme and English Toffee creamers, as well as the brand’s Berries & Créme Iced Coffee, Quinn made an appearance at a Coffee and Courting event in NYC earlier this season. “A coffee date is actually kind of the perfect first date, because it's a little low stakes,” the author tells Elite Daily at the time.

Quinn shares that the flowers displays alone at the event really made her feel like she was in the Regency era. “They had this string quartet playing classical versions of modern songs like they do on the show, and the coffee stations, where you could try the creamers and iced coffee, were gorgeous.”

Unable to make the event in NYC, but still a self-proclaimed coffee connoisseur and Bridgerton fan, I wanted to try the new International Delight products myself. Below, is a ranking of the limited-edition iced coffee and creamers, along with insights from Quinn on which Bridgerton character would enjoy them the most.

3. The English Toffee Coffee Creamer Tastes Like A Starbucks Fave

Before trying any of the creamers, I assumed the English Toffee would be my favorite of the two. I enjoy a caramel macchiato, and this Bridgerton English Toffee has a nice mix of chocolate and caramel. And while I did enjoy this creamer with my go-to drip coffee at home, the flavor wasn’t unique enough for my taste.

It was subtle and added just a touch of sweetness to my drink, so it’s perfect for anyone looking for light flavor in their at-home brew. However, it didn’t really remind me of Bridgerton as much as the Berries & Créme options. This English Toffee is Quinn’s favorite of the two creamers, though. “I'm a real caramel girl,” she says.

Rating: 4/5

2. The Berries & Créme Creamer Understood The Assignment

When Quinn saw International Delight created a berry-flavored coffee creamer, she was a bit hesitant to try it. Dessert flavors like chocolate and hazelnut are usually easier to find than fruit, but Quinn felt International Delight’s Berries & Créme was “a sleeper hit” that she really enjoyed.

I was just as shocked at how well berry and coffee go together. This creamer also fits the spring season so well. It has a light taste made me feel as though I was sitting in the Bridgerton home, looking out at the colorful wisteria vines hanging from the windows. Since this has the most Bridgerton-like flavor, it beat out the English Toffee as my favorite.

Part 1 of Season 3 will be dropping on Netflix in May and it’ll be nice and warm outside, so I highly recommend enjoying a cold glass of iced coffee with International Delight’s Berries & Créme creamer as your go-to sip for a marathon-watch.

Rating: 4.5/5

1. The Berries & Créme Iced Coffee Will Be The Talk Of The Ton

When I want coffee in the morning — especially iced coffee — it’s a real struggle to have to brew a pot before enjoying it. Sometimes, I just want my coffee right away, and that’s why the International Delight Bridgerton Berries & Creme Iced Coffee was my ultimate favorite of the three.

This ready-to-drink berry-flavored iced coffee was waiting for me in the fridge. All I needed to do was pour and enjoy. It reminded me of Starbucks’ RTD Frappuccino drinks that you can find in grocery stores as well. If you’re a fan of those, you’ll really love International Delight’s version.

The Berries & Creme Iced Coffee has just the right amount of sweetness and flavor. When you’re pouring coffee creamers in yourself, you can make mistakes by either pouring too little or too much. This took all the trial and error out, so you have the perfect iced coffee drink in seconds.

As a lazy morning gal, this was a dream come true. You could even say the iced coffee was my diamond of the season. The flavors were just the same as the coffee creamer as well, so it’s ideal for spring. One sip got me in the mood to scroll through Bridgerton fan edits on TikTok in anticipation of new episodes.

Rating: 5/5

Liam Daniel/Netflix

While Season 3 will be about Colin and Penelope’s love story, Quinn says of the Bridgerton children that Hyacinth would love these International Delight products the most. “All of my characters take their tea the same way — how I take my tea — which is milk and no sugar,” Quinn says. That is “except Hyacinth because it just felt like she would be different.” The author says she would be the first to try these fun coffee flavors, and if you’ve got a similar sweet tooth, I highly recommend you try them as well.