How often does Apple Music Replay update? Here's how it works.

How Often Does Apple Music Replay Update? Here’s How It Works

Get your final streams of the year in while you still can.

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Don’t let the craze surrounding Spotify Wrapped fool you — Apple Music users get their own version of the year-end wrap up, too, and it comes with a feature that might make the results even more accurate. Instead of cutting off tracking a few weeks before the annual event like some platforms, Replay will update your stats regularly through the rest of the year. Counting all your streams leading up to the ball drop on NYE may be the only way Replay tops Wrapped, but it is pretty clutch. You probably want to know how often Apple Music Replay actually updates so you can start planning your IG Story ahead of time. Here’s how it all goes down.

Apple Music kicked off the season of year-end celebrations on Nov. 29 with the return of Replay and a comprehensive rundown of the songs, albums, artists, and genres that shaped all your 2022 eras. You’re probably not the person you were six months ago, though, which means there might be a few tunes that you don’t want people to see when you share your results in the group chat. Thankfully, your Apple Music Replay stats aren’t set in stone because the platform will continue to count the tracks you can’t get enough of until Dec. 31. Not to give you any ideas, but that means there’s still some time to knock the Glee Cast off your Top Artists list.

Don’t expect your results to be reflected after every stream, though, because according to Apple Music, Replay updates weekly. So if you’ve got your favorite holiday song on repeat, but your stats aren’t budging, you may need to wait a few more days.


Not only does Replay not have an official cutoff date, but you can also keep track of your Replay throughout the year, too, in case you can’t wait for the big reveal around the holidays.

The best way to keep track of which tunes are dominating your Replay is probably the Replay Mix, which is a playlist that’s made to reflect your most-played songs of the year. Because the list caps off at 100, not all your favorite tracks will be able to make the cut by December. So if you want to get a better idea of how your music taste evolves throughout the year, make sure to check the playlist often.

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