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Here's How Astrology Actually Predicted Olivia Rodrigo's Rockstar Career Year

Good 4 her!

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The subject of Olivia Rodrigo’s single “Good 4 U” (who many have speculated about in the past) isn’t the only one with a blossoming profession; her “career’s really taking off” as well, to say the least. Though she used to be known mainly for her leading role on Disney+’s High School Musical: The Musical: The Series, she’s now hitting red carpets and renowned stages because of her rockstar music. Some may call Rodrigo’s viral success a case of good luck, but her seemingly overnight global stardom definitely seems more fated than anything else, especially if you take a peek at her birth chart. I would even go as far to say astrology actually predicted Olivia Rodrigo’s 2021 music career success.

While there are endless signs that point to Rodrigo having a successful music career in her natal chart at some point in her life, what made this year in particular the one that changed everything for her? Her astrological makeup could shed some light on why 2021 was The Big One, courtesy of the annual profections technique.

Annual profections are often used in private consultations with a practicing astrologer such as myself, and it’s the best-kept secret in the astrological community. It’s a tool that depicts why someone like the “Traitor” crooner — who has her moon in Libra in the 10th house of career — would experience sudden tremendous fortune shortly before her 18th birthday. Why not earlier, or even later? The answer is because each age of a person’s life is associated with an astrological house in their birth chart; when they reach a certain age, that area of life (or house) is essentially “activated.” The age 18 is a seventh house profection year, which explains why, when many people reach this age, they tend to experience a very significant romantic relationship, which is a major topic of the seventh house.

Olivia Rodrigo’s seventh house year has proven to be a bit more significant than most people’s, though. Here’s why:

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How Astrology Predicted Olivia Rodrigo’s 2021 Career Success

As Olivia stepped into her seventh house year, her seventh house ruler (aka her Libra moon) suddenly became activated. Since the moon rules her seventh house of relationships and is placed in Libra in her 10th house of career, her relationships as they tied into her career became extremely prominent. As a Libra moon, relationships are naturally important to her. Since her moon lies in the 10th house, it would make sense that she’s now notoriously known for sharing her deepest feelings about love and relationships with the world through her career endeavors.

To make things even juicer, Rodrigo released her debut single, “Drivers License,” on Jan. 8, the exact same day Venus moved into Capricorn... and she’s a Capricorn rising. Funny, right? And yet, there’s no such thing as coincidence — it was literally written in the stars.

Taking things even further, Rodrigo’s debut album, Sour, was released on May 21, the same day the moon *just so happened* to be in Libra in — you guessed it — her 10th house of career and public image. The moon moving into the exact same sign of her natal moon the day that she released her debut album was no coincidence either, especially since she was simultaneously in a seventh house (relationship-oriented) year. This was essentially an album she was meant to make and share with the world at this moment in time.

As someone with her moon in the 10th house (and a “spicy Pisces” sun, for that matter), Olivia Rodrigo will likely always endeavor to share her emotions with the world through her art, and her relationships will likely always be a pretty big topic of conversation. We all may not have seen this success coming, but the stars definitely aligned on this one.

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