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An Interior Designer Shares The Easiest Ways To Transform Your WFH Space

It’s time for a spring refresh.

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Along with new blooms and warmer weather, spring brings a sense of renewal, which is why you may currently have the urge to spring clean and organize your entire apartment — and maybe add some new statement pieces into the mix. If you’re craving a refresh, it may be best to start simple with the one area of your home you probably spend the most time at — your desk. Elite Daily talked to interior designer and host of the Make Space podcast, Cara Newhart, who shared some easy tips for how to transform your home office and desk for a spring WFH makeover.

It’s actually a lot simpler than you’d think to go from a drab desk in the corner to a reinvigorating WFH space you actually want to spend time in. All you need is some expert advice on where to begin, which is where Newhart comes in. In an exclusive interview with Elite Daily, the interior designer talked through some of 2022’s biggest spring home decor trends and shared some easy ways to makeover your WFH space. Newhart says that WFH spaces are some of her favorite spaces to put together because “they can make such a huge impact” in your home’s aesthetic in general.

If you’re looking for statement pieces and organizing solutions that pack a big punch, you’ll definitely want to scroll through Newhart’s suggestions and incorporate some of these 12 easy home office decor tips into your WFH space this spring.

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Storage Is Important For Transforming Your WFH Space

Storage is key when it comes to your home office. You definitely need all your supplies nearby, but don’t necessarily want all your desk space to be covered in staplers, post-it notes, and pens.

Newhart agrees that storage is important, and one way to increase space is by adding a vertical storage unit. You can also “incorporate baskets for concealed storage to visually reduce clutter so the space feels clean and organized.”


Ground Your Home Office With A Rug

If you want to set your at home desk area apart from the rest of your home, Newhart suggests getting a rug. She explains that “adding a rug helps visually designate the space and creates a furniture grouping for a cleaner look.”


Create A Visual Backdrop Behind Your Desk

Another quick hack that can make a major difference to your WFH space is to “create a visual backdrop behind your desk.” Since Zoom meetings have become so popular, you know how important it is to have a good background.

Newhart says that having an intentional background “can go such a long way to helping you look polished at work.” You can do this by adding some artwork on the wall behind you or even installing little shelves for mini plants.


Include More Houseplants Into Your Home Office Decor

Not only can houseplants clean the air around you, but they also are a spring home decor trend that can transform your home office. Newhart suggests getting “houseplants styled in textured pottery” to give your space a more textured look. You’ll want to browse a variety of houseplants depending on the size of your desk and how much light you get in your home to find the one right for you.


Floral Wallpaper Is A Spring Home Decor Trend

Wallpaper is super popular right now, especially vintage and floral designs. According to Newhart, floral wallpaper is a must-have spring accessory. Not only is it “a fun add for livening up a space and giving it a little personality,” but you can find floral designs that fit your cottagecore, Regencycore, or even grannycore vibes.


Customize Your Space To Your Work Style

As pretty as a new desk may be, if it doesn’t work for you, you won’t use it. When transforming your WFH space for the spring, you want to “customize your office storage to fit your work style.” For someone who prefers to work with all their supplies out, Newhart suggests getting some wire baskets or acrylic organizers. If you’re the opposite and prefer a clutter-free space, go for more concealed storage.


Timer Cubes Help Keep A Work-Life Balance

Since working from home can often mess with your work-life balance, Newhart suggests getting a timer cube ($12, Amazon) for your desk. These timer cubes can help remind you to take a break throughout the day for some water or a quick walk around the neighborhood.


Find Underutilized Space For Your WFH Setup

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If you’re thinking that your home desk needs a total makeover, you may want to find a new home for it. Newhart suggests keeping an eye out for any “dead space” in your home. This underutilized space may actually be the perfect place to set up your desk and new WFH setup.


Alternative Seating Is A Spring WFH Trend

If you’re all about multi-tasking, some alternative seating may be what you’re looking for. Something like a walking treadmill ($158, Amazon) can help you workout while checking your email. Newhart also has an exercise ball with a faux leather cover for her WFH desk to help with her posture.


Get Thrifty With Your Office Furniture

Transforming your home office doesn’t have to be pricey. You can definitely do a budget-friendly makeover by checking out your local thrift stores or even Facebook Marketplace for big furniture pieces. One hack Newhart shared for custom furniture is to find “tabletops and snagging some inexpensive desk legs from Amazon for a simple DIY desk.”


Get An Afforable Lighting Setup

Since Zoom meetings aren’t going anywhere anytime soon, it’s time to finally get a good lighting setup. A small ring light ($15, Amazon) you can attach to your desk is Newhart’s suggestion, as well as “adding multiple light sources that can be adjusted throughout the day.”


Desktop Accessories Are Where You Can Add Your Own Personality

This is your desk after all, so you want it to be the place where you feel the most like yourself. One way to do that is by adding personal touches. That can be “a coaster for your drink or a textured piece of pottery for pen storage.” Since these are small accessories, they can also be easily swapped out with the change in seasons.