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Accent walls and 1970s influences are some of the biggest home decor trends for spring 2022.

Take Inspiration From These Aesthetic 2022 Spring Home Decor Trends

Here’s what experts at Michaels, JOANN, Pinterest, and more are predicting.

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Spring is here, and a seasonal refresh may be just what you’re looking for. Whether you plan on doing a total home makeover or just adding a few new items to liven up your space, the biggest spring decor trends of 2022 might influence your choices.

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According to home decor experts at Michaels, JOANN, Pinterest, and more, these 12 2022 spring decor trends will also give you colorful and trendy inspo for any room in your home — from your home office to your kitchen. It’s time to refresh you space for warmer days, so click through to find something that calls to you.

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