Here's where they filmed 'Heartstopper' Season 2 in Paris, France.

A Map Of Heartstopper Filming Locations In France From Season 2

Are you happy to be in Paris? Oui!

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Heartstopper has returned for a second season, and this time, Nick and Charlie are taking their relationship to the city of love — aka Paris. The climactic moment of this season is when both the Truham Boys School and Higgs Girls School go on a class trip to France. It seems Netflix really does love Paris — both Emily in Paris and You have filmed in the city. Now, it’s time for the Heartstopper crew to see what France has to offer. Production spent a few days in the city for three episodes on location, and here’s everywhere Heartstopper filmed in Paris for Season 2.

As tourists, it makes sense that Nick, Charlie, and their friends would want to stop by some of the more iconic spots, like the Eiffel Tower, Arc de Triomphe, and Louvre, but they also visit some lesser-known hidden gems. As a fan of either the TV show and graphic novel series, you’ll want to add a few of these places to your list while traveling around Europe. Grab lunch where Nick and Charlie meet up with Nick’s dad, or go shopping around the boutiques in Montemartre like they do on their first day. Take the metro or walk along the Seine River to get to each spot, which are both ways the Heartstopper friend group gets around. There’s gelato to enjoy, museums to wander around in, and escargot to try (if you’re feeling as adventurous as Tao).

While you may have marathon-watched all eight episodes the day they dropped, there’s no need to go back. Here’s a map of 15 Heartstopper filming locations in Paris for you to use on your next vacay.

Hotel de Sévigné
6 Rue De Belloy, 75016 Paris, France
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When both the Truham Boys School and Higgs Girls School arrive in Paris, the group’s first stop is the Hotel de Sévigné to check in. You can see the students walking with their luggage under the hotel’s red awnings outside. During your trip to Paris, you might want to stay where Charlie and Nick do, but you won’t be able to book the exact same room. The Hotel de Sévigné’s actual rooms weren’t the ones used for filming, but a comparable suite is the Executive Triple, which starts around $259 a night for three people.


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