The sushi from Harry Styles' "Music for a Sushi Restaurant" is available as part of the Harry Styles...

Harry Styles' Gill’s Lounge Pop-Up Is Like "Sushi Restaurant" IRL

There’s also a “Watermelon Sugar” drink available at Love On Tour.

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Harry Styles just kicked off his 15-night Love On Tour Los Angeles residency at The Kia Forum on Oct. 23, and there have already been a few surprises along the way. Similar to Madison Square Garden in New York City, the Harry Styles’ Love On Tour food in Los Angeles also includes some special menu items, like the Harry Styles’ Gill’s Lounge pop-up serving up your own “Music For a Sushi Restaurant” experience.

After the release of Harry Styles’ “Sushi Restaurant” music video on Oct. 27, a pop-up Gill’s Sushi location appeared at the Forum. While the actual Gill’s Lounge may not be a real location, this is the closest you can get to visiting the sushi bar IRL. Not only is there sushi on the menu, but the dishes are also all named after different lyrics from Styles’ Harry’s House album. Since you plan on getting to the venue early to snap some pictures with the different photo moments in your concert ‘fit (and to pick up some Love On Tour merch, of course), you can lean into the Harry fandom with your choice of concert snack.

Where To Get Harry Styles’ “Sushi Restaurant” Sushi?

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You can easily spend 20 minutes just walking around the circular Forum venue before your concert, looking at all the columns with different lyrics and pictures of Styles posted on them. There are also food stands outside on the terrace, and while many of the carts can be found on either side, the Gill’s Sushi stand is only available on one side. Once you find it, you’ll see the menu out front with three different kinds of rolls. There is the LA Mood sushi roll — aka the California roll — that seems to be the most popular for $15, and a Just A Little Taste rainbow roll that’s the most expensive at $20.

I ordered the $16 Scuba Duba Spicy Tuna roll, aka a regular spicy tuna roll, which was tasty and had fun Gill’s Sushi branding on the box. I’m a sucker for creative marketing, especially when it’s Harry Styles-themed. Would I spend $16 on a sushi roll at any other place? Probably not, but you expect food prices to be a bit higher at a concert so it seemed worth it. In addition to the rolls, Gill’s Sushi also had edamame and wasabi peas as appetizers.

Harry Styles’ Love On Tour Treats At The Forum

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As far as foodie souvenirs go, one of the collectible Love On Tour Forum cups is a must-have for anyone going to see Harry Styles at the Kia Forum. The cups come in three bright shades — purple, pink, and green — and are available at any of the side bars inside the venue. They are just $11 and come with your choice of soda. The Forum also has a specialty Watermelon Sugar Mocktail, which is a watermelon flavored lemonade, on the menu that can go in a cup as well, or you can purchase the drink by itself for $9.

At the center bars, you can find two Harry Styles-themed cocktails for $18 each. There is the Fruit Man and Cherry Frozen Cocktail, both made with Cîroc vodka. While you may want a cocktail, getting the mocktail or just a soda is the better deal since you get to take home a reusable cup with it. Whatever you decide to order, however, you’re sure to have a great time at any of the Love On Tour shows. After all, you’re in Harry’s House, and it’s always a fun time there.

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