Fans want to know is Gill's Lounge real after watching Harry Styles' "Sushi Restaurant" music video....

Is Gill's Lounge Real? Harry Styles' "Sushi Restaurant," Explained

Harries are convinced there are more surprises to come.

Calling all Harries, a new music video just dropped for Harry Styles’ “Music for a Sushi Restaurant” and it’s full of sushi, glam, and a half-squid, half-human Harry Styles. Totally casual. The video is just as fun as the song is a bop, with a hilarious performance from Styles, and it all takes place in a restaurant named Gill’s Lounge. But, is Gill’s Lounge real? Fans on Twitter and TikTok want to know if the seafood eatery exists so they can visit IRL.

In recent days, an account for Gill’s Lounge appeared on TikTok with reviews of the fictional restaurant and there was a mention of a “one-of-a-kind live show” on Thursday, Oct. 27. In addition to the social posts, there is an official Gill’s Lounge website that links back to the TikTok and also a full menu listed. It turns out the “live show” was the surprise premiere of the “Music for a Sushi Restaurant” music video, which is now linked on the Gill’s Lounge website under “Today’s Catch.”

The “About” section on the site also reads, “Loved Gill’s Lounge? Then you’ll love love love Gill’s Sushi. Your new favorite spot for rare and eclectic seafood delights.” It also mentions a rotating menu in the restaurant where you can “dine and dance the night away to the delicious musical stylings of our Catch of the Day” — aka Harry Styles. All this work to make Gill’s Lounge look like a legit place makes you wonder if Gill’s Lounge is the real deal.

Is Gill’s Lounge Real from Harry Styles’ “Music For A Sushi Restaurant”?

Harry Styles/YouTube

Gill’s Lounge is not a real place right now, but fans are convinced Styles may have more surprises up his sleeve. Right now, the Harry’s House singer is in the middle of his Los Angeles residency at the Kia Form, where he is set to perform 15 shows. One of those dates falls on Halloween — or Harryween — and fans think Styles will do something special for the holiday. While it’s a given that he’ll show up in a costume, TikToker @lightspeednet believes that the Forum will be transformed into Gill’s Lounge for Harryween.

Another theory is that Styles will release more music videos, because of the menu items listed for Gill’s Lounge. In fact, Styles’ “Daylight” could be the next music video release with references to its lyrics in the “Honey Dip” and “Tropical Bluebird” drinks for Gill’s Lounge. An IRL Gill’s Lounge sushi restaurant would be an incredible and Insta-worthy pop-up, especially if there were cute cocktails names after songs off Harry’s House and other albums. Just saying.

Where Was Harry Styles’ “Music For A Sushi Restaurant” Filmed?

Harry Styles/YouTube

While there is no word on whether Gill’s Lounge will become a real place fans can visit, some are still wondering where “MFASR” was filmed. Well, according to Vents Magazine, Styles shot the music video in Brooklyn, NY. (Elite Daily reached out to Harry Styles’ reps for confirmation, but did not hear back in time for publication.) Right now, there’s no word on when the music video was filmed, but Styles just spent another 15 nights performing at Madison Square Garden in NYC from August to September. He could have shot the music video then, but it’s also possible that he filmed it in the springtime.

Back in May, Styles was spotted filming a music video in a yellow bird-like outfit that fans believe is for his official “Daylight” music video. That has yet to be released, so fans will just have to wait and see whether the “Daylight” music video really is the next surprise or perhaps it’s a full Gill’s Lounge takeover in Los Angeles. Whatever it is, Harries will be ready.