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Here’s How To Get Free Harry Potter Butterbeer Ice Cream For A Magical Treat

Accio yourself a free scoop on July 17.

Courtesy of Harry Potter New York

National Ice Cream Day is a holiday you’ll gladly celebrate on July 17. After all, let’s be real, you don’t need an excuse to enjoy some ice cream on a hot summer day — and satisfying your sweet cravings can be a magical experience. If you happen to live in New York City, you can even enjoy a free scoop of Butterbeer ice cream from the Harry Potter New York store this year. In order to Accio some deliciousness into your hands, you’ll first want to know how to get free Harry Potter Butterbeer ice cream on July 17 so you don’t miss out on the magic.

It’s been over a year since the Harry Potter New York store opened its doors in Manhattan. The flagship store offers fans of the Harry Potter series the opportunity to step inside the Wizarding World. Along with some exclusive merch, the store also has magical photo moments, virtual reality experiences, and even some Easter eggs from the films for true fans to spot. When you’re not shopping for a new wand or school supplies for attending Hogwarts, the Harry Potter New York flagship store has a Butterbeer Bar where you can order a refreshing Butterbeer to taste. They not only have draft and bottled Butterbeer on the menu, but Butterbeer ice cream as well.

How To Get Free Harry Potter Butterbeer Ice Cream On July 17

Courtesy of Harry Potter New York

While you typically need to pay for your Butterbeer ice cream at the Butterbeer Bar, for National Ice Cream Day, the Harry Potter New York store is giving away free scoops to select customers. If you’ve been wanting to try it or are already a big fan of Butterbeer ice cream, here’s everything you need to know in order to get a free scoop.

First, mark your calendar for July 17, which is when National Ice Cream Day is happening this year. On Sunday, Harry Potter New York will treat fans to free Butterbeer ice cream, while supplies last. The free scoops will be available at the Butterbeer Bar, which is located in the flagship store at 935 Broadway in Manhattan. Keep in mind that the special offer is only available on July 17 and limited to one ice cream per person.

In the past, Harry Potter New York has had to use a virtual queue system for guests to enter the store, but according to their website, walk-ins are welcome at this time. However, you should keep an eye on the Harry Potter New York socials for any updates. You’ll also want to get to the Butterbeer Bar early if you want free ice cream as this special deal will only be available while supplies last.

What Other Butterbeer Items Are Available At The Harry Potter New York Store?

If you happen to miss out on free Butterbeer ice cream, it’s not the end of the world. You can still order a refreshing Butterbeer on draft to enjoy. There’s even a giant wall of cascading and glowing Butterbeer bottles that’ll make for a cute backdrop to your Butterbeer pics. Post your fave snaps to the ‘Gram with Butterbeer captions, like “wish you were Butterbeer.” Both the draft and bottle Butterbeer options also come with a collectible Mina Lima label.

If you’re nowhere near NYC but would still like to enjoy Butterbeer ice cream for National Ice Cream Day, you can find a Butterbeer ice cream recipe online to try. There are even some Butterbeer ice cream tutorials that don’t require an ice cream machine that you can whip up in your kitchen with just heavy whipping cream, sweetened condescend milk, and butter extract. Once you have your homemade Butterbeer ice cream, you and your roomies can enjoy a Harry Potter movie marathon for a magical National Ice Cream Day.