These Halloween cookie recipes from TikTok are scary-cute and easy to make.
14 TikTok Halloween Cookie Recipes That Are Scarily Easy To Make

Trick or treat yo’ self.

by Andrea Hannah and Olivia Cigliano
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Arguably the best part about the spooky season is all the scary-cute treats that are on offer. There’s always Halloween candy, of course, but there’s also the pumpkin-shaped, candy-filled, ooey-gooey convections that fill your social media feed (and your tummy) every October. If you’re looking for some last-minute treats to make for your Halloween party or a Halloween movie marathon sleepover with all your best boos, TikTok has got you covered with these fun recipes that look super impressive but are also scarily easy to make. Need some inspiration? These 14 Halloween cookie recipes from TikTok are must-tries for your spooky season festivities.

While all the flawlessly decorated sugar cookies look amazing, there are also tons of easy Halloween cookie recipes by TikTokers that you can replicate at home. Some of them only take a few minutes to whip together, use few ingredients, and they’re still just as cute and creepy as some of the more challenging recipes. Honestly, all you really need are some candy eyeballs and black and orange sprinkles to give your cookies a Halloween makeover.

That said, if you do want to go all out on decorating, and buying premade festive sugar cookies is a quick fix, there are still some simple TikTok cookie recipes that are perfect for a last-minute spooky snack. Just grab some food coloring and a few extra ingredients like mini marshmallows and leftover Halloween candy and you can turn your go-to cookie dough into creative concoctions. TikTokers even show you exactly how to decorate the treats into adorable Halloween characters, so all you have to do is follow along with the video. Preheat the oven and scroll through these monster mash-worthy 14 Halloween cookie recipes from TikTok for inspiration. It’s sure to be love at first bite.

These Sugary Voodoo Dolls

TikToker @alisondelfin_ breaks down how to turn your simple gingerbread-style cookies into scary-cute voodoo dolls. First, make your favorite sugar cookie recipe and use a cookie cutter to cut out your men. Then, take your butter knife and cut off any limbs you want before putting your cookies in the oven to bake. As a finishing touch, add a little “blood” with red icing, skeleton bones with white icing, and don’t forget the Xs for eyes.

Black Cake Batter Cookies Topped With Candy

Also by @alisondelfin_, these black cake batter cookies couldn’t be easier to make last minute. All you need is a box of vanilla cake mix, eggs, and butter. Mix together the ingredients, and add a couple of drops of black food coloring . These black cookies are Halloween-ready right out of the oven, but you can add sprinkles, candy corn, and candy eyeballs to amp up the spooky factor.

Spider Web Sugar Cookies

These cookies with web icing look so gourmet but are actually simpler to make than you think, thanks to @officialfunfoods on TikTok. Using round sugar cookies and homemade icing, you can make these swirly, abstract-looking sweet treats to impress your guests at this year’s monster mash.

Kylie Jenner-Inspired Sugar Cookies

TikToker @dishedit shows you how to make Halloween cookies just like the ones Kylie Jenner and Stormi made. Starts with your basic sugar cookie recipe, then follow all the steps including mixing, chilling, rolling out the dough, and cutting circles with a cooke cutter. Once baked, the Halloween fun begins. You can draw pumpkins, bats, mummies, and more onto your cookies, or you can make your own design.

Adorable Spider Cookies For Peanut Butter Lovers

TikToker @pintsizedbeauty demonstrates how to make these oh-so cute peanut butter spider cookies. First, she shows how to make her peanut butter cookies from scratch (hint: it involves a lot of peanut butter chips), then she bakes them. When they cool, she adds an upside-down mini Reese’s cup, draws some spider legs with brown icing, and adds candy eyeballs to complete the confection.

“Smookies” That Are Filled With Marshmallow

We stan a s’more and cookie combo, and this recipe by @ymwfamily doesn’t disappoint. First, stack a graham cracker, chocolate bar, and marshmallow onto your baking sheet (bonus points if you add some green sprinkles). Next, cover the entire s’more with chocolate chip cookie dough, then bake. The cookies come out with a gooey marshmallow center, and you can add candy eyeballs to make them look like oozy monsters. You can also follow Yummly’s recipe for a quick s’more cookie sandwich fix that uses marshmallow fluff and melted chocolate.

Crumble Dirt Cake Cookies

Chocolate lovers need to try out these cake “dirt” cookies from @thelifestyleofafoodie on TikTok, because she calls them “the best chocolate cookie of your life.” It starts with a thick and chewy cookie base that’s rolled in Oreo crumbs, then smeared with sweet buttercream, plus extra crushed Oreos and a wiggly gummy worm on top.

Teeth Cookies That You Can Make In Minutes

These teeth bookies from @officialfunfoods literally take just minutes to put together. First, make your favorite sugar cookies, whether from pre-made dough or scratch. Then, cut your round cookies in half to make a half-circle. Add a bit of red frosting around the edges and place mini marshmallows around the curved part, then press together to make a toothy grin. You can even add almonds to make fangs.

Colorful Witch’s Bark

While this brightly colored witch’s bark by @dominiquetrupia isn’t technically a cookie, it’s a shareable sweet that’s topped with all your favorite Halloween cookie decorations. Plus, it’s so simple to make. First, melt some white chocolate chips and add a couple of drops of green food coloring. Spread out your white chocolate onto a baking sheet, and then top it with all your favorite candies and sprinkles. Let it harden for a couple of hours, then it’s ready to share.

Bear & Pumpkin Cookies

While bears aren’t usually associated with Halloween, these bear and pumpkin cookies by @cristina_yin are sure to be a smash hit. Cristina lists all the ingredients in their sugar cookie recipe so you can easily follow along. Make some sugar cookie dough, and separate out a small chunk to dye orange for the pumpkins. Then, using a cookie cutter, cut out several bear shapes. Place a mini pumpkin in the center of their chest, fold their arms over it to “hold” it, and then bake.

Mummy Oreos

@giopaludi’s mummy Oreos are so adorable and easy to make. Just cover Oreo cookies in melted white chocolate, add on some edible googly eyes, and layer stripes of chocolate over the top for the mummy wrapping effect.

Frankenstein Cookies That Are Filled With Green Frosting

TikToker @matthewinthekitchen leads you through his recipe for ooey gooey Frankenstein cookies. He shows you how to combine your wet and dry ingredients to make double chocolate cookies from scratch, then demonstrates how to make bright green frosting filling. Just place a glob of frosting in the center of your cookie dough, and then bake. They come out looking like regular chocolate cookies, but they have a bright, sweet surprise in the center.

These Cookies That Look Like Severed Fingers

These creepy cookies by @thecookieboxclub are easier to make than they look. First, make your favorite sugar cookie dough, then add a couple of drops of green food coloring to it. Create long “logs” for the fingers and bake. When they’ve cooled, you can add a bit of red icing around the “nail bed,” as well as an almond for the nail, and then brush on a bit of brown food coloring throughout to give these severed fingers a bit more ghastly detail.

Halloween Cookie Pizza

Why make a bunch of normal-sized cookies, when you can make one giant one? @dishedit on TikTok shows how she layered chocolate chip cookie dough and leftover Halloween candy in a skillet to make a giant melty cookie that you can top with smooth vanilla ice cream. For a shareable version, check out Yummly’s Cookie Pizza recipe that uses just five ingredients, including peanut butter as the “sauce” and candy corn and chocolate chips for toppings.

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