Young woman in costume reading her Halloween 2021 horoscope.

Your Halloween Horoscope Is Action-Packed With Treats And Tricks

The astrology is surreal.

by Valerie Mesa
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It’s the most wonderful time of the year, but in case you’re wondering, I’m not just referring to the sweater weather that complements the warm Pumpkin Spice Latte in your hand. Your Halloween 2021 horoscope is here, and the astro weather is intriguing, to say the least.

After looking at the astrology on Oct. 31, I dare to say this year’s Halloween costume line-up will be on point, and maybe even a bit extra. Not only will Venus — planet of love, beauty, and all things aesthetically pleasing — be transiting through “go-big-or-go-home” Sagittarius, where everything feels larger than life itself, it will also be squaring Neptune — planet of dreams, fantasy, and illusions — which makes the entire experience that much more believable. Perhaps almost too believable, but leave it to the moon in meticulous Virgo to sort out all of the details. Again, the astrological energies at play are almost impossible to resist.

Last but certainly not least, Mars — planet of assertion, energy, and passion — will be at zero degrees of its traditional ruler, Scorpio, which also happens to be an incredibly potent degree. This, of course, emphasizes the sinister essence of smoldering Scorpio, which is everything we need to tap into our spine-chilling and/or sassy alter egos.

Want to know what Halloween has in store for your zodiac sign? Allow me to show you the way.

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Aries: You’re Willing To Step Outside Of Your Comfort Zone

You’ve got your costume details and Halloween modus operandi down pact, Aries. Although, in addition to feeling productive and ultra prepared to slay Halloween, you’re consciously seeking something out of the ordinary. Of course, leave it to your planetary ruler, Mars, to quench your thirst for danger, thrill, and all things taboo while in the sign of Scorpio and your haunted eighth house of rebirth. Have fun, and stay safe.

Taurus: Alright, You’re Just Showing Off At This Point

Plans to break the internet much, Taurus? With your luscious planetary ruler, Venus, dazzling your erotic eighth house of sex, intimate unions, and soul-to-soul connections, you’re not only oozing major sex appeal, but also craving emotional intensity in the process. The moon will light up your flamboyant fifth house of pleasure and creative expression, and simultaneously trine rebellious Uranus in your sign. Let’s just say, your vision, strategy, and intentions are surely paying off.

Gemini: You’re Celebrating With Your Besties

Get those Instagram captions and TikTok videos ready, Gemini. Harmony-seeking Venus is dazzling your committed seventh house of agreements, compromise, and significant others, and you’re ready for some double trouble. Whether it be with a close friend or someone you’re dating, you’re thinking outside the box and you’re in good company. With Mars turning up the heat in your routine-loving sixth house, you’re passionate about the process.

Cancer: You’re Passionate And Spontaneous

You’ve always been the type to go with the flow, but you’re taking the adventurous route this time, Cancer. With Venus dazzling your sixth house of daily routines and squaring ambiguous Neptune, the last thing you’re looking for is structure. The Virgo moon will ground you, but you’re going to use this razor-sharp focus toward your freedom. You’re pretty much winging it this Halloween, so follow your intuition.

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Leo: You’re Being Mindful Of Your Time And Energy

To each their own, Leo. You may or may not be a fan of Halloween, but when considering the astrological energies at play, it doesn’t really seem like you’re in the mood to celebrate. This, however, doesn’t mean you’re having a bad day. You could simply decide to call it an early night and order your favorite takeout. Don’t get me wrong, Venus’ freedom-loving transit through your fifth house could inspire an impromptu decision, but it depends on your mood.

Virgo: You’re Taking Risks, But With Caution

Bring out the stellar silvers and neon makeup palettes, Virgo. The moon’s in your sign, and in harmonious alignment with intergalactic Uranus, so your energy is basically out of this world. You’re feeling more adventurous than usual, thanks to Venus’ transit through freedom-loving Sagittarius via your foundational fourth house of innermost feelings. However, leave it to Mars’ transit through Scorpio and your third house of thoughts to make you extra wary of your immediate surroundings.

Libra: You’re Taking An Impromptu Journey

You’ll do anything to experience that rush of spooky fright, Libra. Whether it be a spontaneous getaway to indulge in the fall foliage, or the thrill of wandering through a haunted property in your local neighborhood, you’re in the mood to explore. To top it off, the moon will be hovering over your 12th house of secrets while forming an exhilarating trine to Uranus in your eighth house of mysteries. Who knows, you might get lucky and channel messages from the other side.

Scorpio: To Say You’re In Your Power Would Be An Understatement

Dress to impress, Scorpio. You’re making an entrance, and the best part is, you’re well aware of your magnetism. In addition to audacious Mars sizzling through your sign — invigorating you with confidence, courage, and major sex appeal — the moon is also transiting through your freedom-loving 11th house of community affairs and sense of belonging in the world. Halloween party at your place? Venus is indulging in her pumpkin-flavored party favors, so have a good time.

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Sagittarius: Halloween Happy Hours Are Your Favorite Pastime

There’s always a party when you’re around, Sagittarius. This becomes emphasized with coquettish Venus sashaying through your sign, so you’re most definitely going all out with your costume. La luna will also be hovering over your 10th house of career while forming a harmonious trine to rebellious Uranus, which means you’re likely creating some Halloween chaos on the work front. Whether it be a hysterical prank you catch on video, or a costume party you planned with your coworkers, everyone’s in for a treat.

Capricorn: You’re About To Catch Everyone Off Guard

Capricorn, show them who they’re up against this All Hallows’ Eve. You may or may not get a kick out of surprising others, but you do things the right way, or not at all. Leave it to today’s eccentric trine between the moon in your ninth house of thrill and freedom-loving Uranus via your flamboyant fifth house to inspire this contagious pizzazz. Venus in your 12th house of secrets suggests that you may have been preparing for this epic costume for quite some time. Be present, but don’t forget to take pictures.

Aquarius: It’s Time To Bring Your Halloween Visions To Life

You’re everyone’s favorite party host, and you’re well aware of it, Aquarius. This is especially true with harmony-seeking Venus sipping on her favorite cocktail via your 11th house of associations, community, and sense of belonging in the world, and its connection to dreamy Neptune will stop at nothing to indulge in the ideal scenario. To party or not to party, that is the question. The Virgo moon may or may not get in your head, so try to not overthink things. You’re especially creative this Halloween; be your own muse.

Pisces: You’re Documenting The Entire Experience

The only thing better than Halloween is the footage you get to watch the following day, Pisces. As you may know, the moon rules your creative fifth house of passion projects, but it will be hovering over your seventh house of partnerships. Halloween collaboration? La luna’s trine to techie-loving Uranus could turn out to be the inspiration you never knew you needed. Whether it be via social media or with your local community, you and your crew are making a scene.