Check out these unique gingerbread house kits from spots like Target and World Market.
18 Gingerbread House Kits That Are Anything But Ordinary

They still taste great, though!

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The holidays are all about traditions, and there’s no better tradition than bundling up in your go-to ugly sweater, throwing on your favorite Hallmark holiday movie, and building a deliciously festive gingerbread house. To keep the yuletide pastime feeling fresh, there are plenty of unique cookie houses modeled after mansions, log cabins, brownstones, and more, so you and your besties can build a whole tasty town inspired by the North Pole. But the fun doesn’t have to end there, because with gingerbread reindeer, hot cocoa stands, and mailboxes to Santa, these 18 unique gingerbread house kits from stores like Target and World Market. will make your season sweet through the new year.

Everyone knows the best thing about gingerbread houses is the building stage — though the tasty demo at the end of the holiday season is a close second. Even if you’re not an expert decorator, you’re probably gonna hang on to the finished product for a while, so you might as well pick the kit that best fits your style. From beach houses to farmhouses, there are so many kinds of kits to deck the halls with — and some will look so great you might not even want to dig in after all the pics are snapped. With a gingerbread football stadium you can put together without even knowing what a third down is and a gingerbread Eiffel Tower that would make Emily in Paris so proud, it’s time to start building.


Gingerbread Sleigh

If you’re looking for a gingerbread decoration that you don’t have to actually decorate, this Gingerbread Sleigh will fool your guests into thinking you’re an icing piping master.


Gingerbread Tree House

You’ve heard of a gingerbread house, but have you ever heard of a gingerbread tree house? This kit from Favorite Day lets you create your own holiday sanctuary up in the trees with pre-made icing, colorful candies, piping bags, and more.


Holiday Gingerbread Scene

Forget building a gingerbread house — with this kit, you can build a whole gingerbread scene including two Evergreen trees, a picket fence, and of course, a house.


San Francisco Row Houses

San Fran fans, this one is for you. This kit features three houses shaped like San Francisco’s iconic row houses so you can build one big “house” that looks just like your block.


Gingerbread House Mansion

Go big for the holidays with this gingerbread mansion kit which comes with a variety of candies, plus icing and fondant.


Mini Gingerbread Village

Create your own mini gingerbread village with four adorable cottages and lots of bite sized treats.


Gingerbread Log Cabin

If you can’t spend the holiday in a log cabin, you can at least spend the season decorating one. This kit comes with all the sweets you need to deck the cabin’s hall, plus three tree-shaped cookies for an extra woodsy touch.


Gingerbread Reindeer

Keep the gingerbread fun going with this set from Favorite Day, which comes with icing, sweets, and two gingerbread stands to keep your reindeer from flying away.


Gingerbread Farm

From cows to pigs to sheep, this Holiday Gingerbread Barn Kit has everything you need to turn a gingerbread farm into a winter wonderland.


Santa’s Mailbox

It’s not a house — and it’s not made of gingerbread — but this Santa’s Mailbox Sugar Cookie Kit is just as fun to decorate as a cottage.


Gingerbread Stadium

Why watch the big game when you can eat the whole stadium? This gingerbread stadium kit comes with colored icing, two goal posts, a score board, and lots of little dots to represent the people in the stands.


Cookie Glitter Chateau

Sugar cookies make for a great gingerbread house alternative, especially when they’re pink. Plus, this kit comes with some seriously boogie touches, including shiny blue balls, pastel-colored marshmallows, and even a shimmery unicorn and llama decoration, because duh.


Hot Chocolate Stand

This kit from Favorite Day comes with everything you need to run a hot cocoa stand — marshmallows, hot chocolate mix, and even two little mugs of hot chocolate for a unbelievably cute decoration that’s sure to put a smile on everyone’s faces.


Cookie Beach House

You might not be able to spend the holidays by the beach, but you can still channel the tropical vibes with this Beach House Cookie Kit.


Gingerbread Brownstones

Whether you live in a Brooklyn Brownstone or your Pinterest board is filled with Brownstone ~aesthetics~, this gingerbread cookie kit from Black Paper Party makes for the perfect addition to your decoration collection.


Gingerbread Camper

Santa’s got a brand new sleigh, and you can decorate it with ready-to-use icing, candies, and more.


Gingerbread Tree

If you can’t fit a tree in your dorm room, this gingerbread tree from the Woodland Gingerbread Holiday Tree Kit is a great alternative. With candy ornaments and LED lights, your guest will *barely* notice it’s a fake tree.


Gingerbread Eiffel Tower

Just because you can’t spend the holidays in Paris doesn’t mean you can’t still enjoy the view of the Eiffel Tower with this Eiffel Tower gingerbread kit from World Market.