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45 Funny Instagram Reel Captions To Complement Your LOL-Worthy Videos

These ideas are Reel silly.

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Sometimes static poses and lazy portraits get boring, and it’s time to switch up your social feed. Especially if you’re looking to grow your audience, posting a variety of content will attract new people and will give you more opportunities to showcase your creativity. If you haven’t made an Instagram Reel before, keep in mind that it’s kind of like TikTok, but that it has its own unique features and filters and you can post the final video directly to your Instagram grid. While you’re test-driving the Reel creator studio, we’ve got you covered with funny Instagram Reel captions for your next post.

When it comes to Reels, you can reel-y post whatever you want. You can film yourself trying out a new recipe, flipping your skateboard, doing a fun makeup look, playing with your pup, or trying out your stand up comedy. You could edit a montage together of all your video memories on your phone each month, similar to an aesthetic “photo-dump,” but in video form. Reels is all about expressing yourself and your followers are there to see the “reel” you — even in your Reel captions.

You can match your Reel caption to whatever kind of content is exciting to you, but sometimes, all the good ideas end up in the video and your mind goes blank when it’s time to come up with a caption on Reels. Don’t cop out with a bunch of emojis this time and remember these Instagram Reel caption ideas and Reels quotes that you can use for any kind of post to Reels.

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  1. “Are you for reel?”
  2. “Reel funny...”
  3. “Is this the reel life?”
  4. “Hooked you, now I’m reeling you in.”
  5. “Did it for the Reel.”
  6. “Keeping it reel.”
  7. “Tell me not to do something and I will do it twice and take a video.”
  8. “Born to express, not to impress.”
  9. “Living the dream.”
  10. “3...2...1... action!”
  11. “Wait, are we rolling?”
  12. “I didn’t mean to leave you reeling.”
  13. “I’m the reel deal.”
  14. “Reel recognize reel.”
  15. “I’m a Reel-ist.”
  16. “A meal for my Reel.”
  17. “Tick tock... it’s time to film my Reel.”
  18. “Reel talk.”
  19. “Never catch feels, catch Reels.”
  20. “I snapped, I served, I slayed.”
  21. “Your fantasy is my reel-ity.”
  22. “Blessing your feed reel quick.”
  23. “Sh*t just got reel.”
  24. “My videographer follows me everywhere.”
  25. “‘Grid drop.”
  26. “Post-coffee post.”
  27. “IG eats/drinks first.”
  28. “Entering my Reels era.”
  29. “I’m finally a reel-ity TV star!”
  30. “Virtual Reel-ity.”
  31. “POV: Keeping it Reel.”
  32. “Filming a day in my life got Reel quickly.”
  33. “Do you reel-ize that you have the most beautiful face?”
  34. “I polish up reel nice.”
  35. “This post is a reel treat.”
  36. “Trying to stay reelevent.”
  37. “Can you reel the love tonight?”
  38. “The way you make me reel.”
  39. “Praying to the algorithm gods that this Reel doesn’t flop.”
  40. “Reel vibes only.”
  41. “I showered for this Reel, so it better do well.”
  42. “So, this is like TikTok?”
  43. “Stop scrolling and like my Reel, OK?”
  44. “I’m the reel thing.”
  45. “The struggle is reel.”

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