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A couple use 4th of July couple puns for captions on Instagram.

35 Fourth Of July Couple Puns For Your Red, White, And Boo Pics On Insta

Show off your independence bae on Instagram.

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If you had to take a wild guess, you'd say your significant other was a sparkler in another life. Although there are many people, places, and things that brighten your day, nobody seems to make you gleam as much as your other half. You'll be on your way to work or to get an iced matcha with your bestie, and they'll send you a funny tweet or meme. You'll tap on the image and instantly let out a giggle, knowing the exact context behind what they sent and why. You'll scroll through the sweet text messages they've sent you, reminisce on the inside jokes you've made, and think to yourself, "I'm so lucky." TBH, you are pretty #blessed — and that's why you need some Fourth of July couple puns for social media, and celebrating the star-spangled cutie in your life.

It would take a while to walk down Memory Lane and actually recall all the memories and inside jokes you've made. In the first few weeks of this summer alone, you may have already gone on epic dates in the city, or treated yourselves to a dreamy staycation filled with freshly-made smoothies and romantic massages. If you two are always down for the adventure, you may have gone camping for a weekend, hiking for an afternoon, or talked about your future under the comfort of the stars. The Fourth of July, in that case, is another page in the amazing story of your relationship.

As of right now, you might be planning on spending it together on the beach, or with your friend crew around a cozy campfire. You already have the graham crackers, marshmallows, and other s'mores supplies packed in your car, along with a couple bottles of sunscreen and a colorful towel. A cooler that's loaded with barbecue essentials and lime-flavored drinks has been tucked into the backseat, too.

The only thing you're missing is a couples caption (or two) for the Fourth of July pics you're bound to post with bae. Can I lend a helping hand with that one? Thanks! I know I'm a little biased, but I think these 35 couple puns will be picture-perfect for celebrating July 4 and your boo.

  1. "You're pretty barbe-cute."
  2. "Lime yours."
  3. "Thanks for being my sol-mate."
  4. "I'm pretty sure you were a sparkler in another life."
  5. "Happy as a clam."
  6. "All you need is vitamin sea and me."
  7. "One in a melon."
  8. "With you and ice cream, anything is popsicle."
  9. "You're one in a watermelon."
  10. "I love you s'more every single day."
  11. "We were mermaid for each other."
  12. "Time fries when I'm with you."
  13. "Baby, you're a firework." — Katy Perry, "Firework"
  14. "Red, white, and my boo."
  15. "She's a star-spangled cutie."
  16. "You're looking so fly on the Fourth of July."
  17. "Land of the free, home of me and my bae."
  18. "Until further notice, assume we're living on beach time."
  19. "Doughnut touch our French fries."
  20. "This Fourth of July stole a pizza our hearts."
  21. "Stars, stripes, and everything nice."
  22. "Want to race to the water? I bet I can beach you to it."
  23. "Let freedom and love ring."
  24. "My heart beats for the red, the white, and you."
  25. "I'm in a serious relation-chip."
  26. "Just a couple of happy campers."
  27. "We, the party people."
  28. "Sweet land of liberty and love."
  29. "Summer lovin'." Grease
  30. “Independence Bae.”
  31. “The star to my stripes.”
  32. “My red, white, and boo.”
  33. "You're one in a watermelon."
  34. “Baby, you’re a firework.” — Katy Perry, “Firework”
  35. "There's a million fish in the sea, but you're the only one for me."

Did you find at least one couple pun you like and will fit your feed? Sweet! Then you and your bae are basically ready for the Fourth of July and all the festivities to come. You're ready to celebrate life, liberty, and love, and dance on the beach until the crack of dawn. Most importantly, you're ready to take your beautiful smiles — the ones you've given each other — and put them on social media for the world to see.

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