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The Planets Are Up To Something Beautiful This Week, And Every Sign Will Benefit

Your horoscope has *all* the details.

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This week is a big one, so embrace all the power, energy, and excitement that comes your way. It all kicks off with a new moon in Pisces on March 2 at 12:35 p.m. ET, opening the floodgates for something that expands your mind and elevates your heart. Let go of the weight you’ve been carrying, especially if you’re still carrying it long after you were destined to. Release all the bad and let in all of the good, because your February 28, 2022 weekly horoscope is just getting started.

However, by March 3, new information may come to light, especially regarding your relationships and your overall goals in life. This is when romantic Venus and aggressive Mars will join forces with Pluto in Capricorn, forming an energetically charged conjunction that may feel overwhelming. If there are lingering tensions or conversations that need to be had, this could encourage you to finally come clean. Be conscious of how you express your feelings, because intention is everything. Be mindful of how you want your emotions to be received by someone else, but don’t let your instinct to sugarcoat the truth trump your need for honesty.

Regardless, this week could be one of the most exciting weeks of 2022, because on March 5, the sun will join forces with Jupiter in Pisces. Ever since Jupiter — planet of wisdom and adventure — entered Pisces, this gregarious gas giant has been feeling more generous than ever. When Jupiter is happy, it tends to make everyone feel happy, and because Jupiter literally rules over Pisces, this planet feels right at home. As the sun forms a conjunction with Jupiter, it will only increase the effect this expansive and open-minded planet has on you.

By the end of the week, you’ll experience another planetary shift. On March 6, Mars — planet of combat and courage — will enter Aquarius, changing the way you tackle your goals and obtain your desires. Aquarius is a highly intellectual, individualistic, and community-oriented zodiac sign, encouraging you to learn from others without conforming to their expectations. Stand up for yourself, because after all, Aquarius is a stubborn fixed sign. Just make sure you’re not ignoring valuable insight because you already have your mind made up.

Here’s what every zodiac sign can expect this week:

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You’re embracing a deeply charged moment in your career this week. As your creativity and your professional interests converge, you may be left with a brilliant business move that leaves you saying “check mate”. However, you’re also learning how to let go of the failures and release yourself from the guilt you no longer have to carry. Instead of mulling over what you should have done, think of how your actions have shown what to do next.


You’re about to tap into a perspective that changes everything this week. You may have the urge to explore the great unknown and seek answers to your questions. Your hunger for knowledge is not easily satiated and you may be willing to embrace an idea that changes everything you thought you knew. Take people along for the ride, because it may not be the destination that makes it all worthwhile, but the people you spend your journey with.


You’re testing your limits this week, especially when it comes to your relationships and your financial commitments. You’re not only realizing what you’re willing to tolerate, but what you’re capable of overcoming. And you always have the ability to take back your own power. And if you’re willing to make a major move this week, you’ll be rewarded. Your career prospects are looking hot at the moment and you should make the most of it.


Your relationships are bursting with inspiration this week. In fact, you may be crushing on someone who looks like relationship-material. If you’re taken, you may feel more attracted to your partner than ever before. Embrace this connection, because it feels more enticing than ever. You may even feel ready to take a leap of faith; to allow your beliefs to alter for the sake of a more powerful thing to believe in. You may be forming a new philosophy to live by.

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This week, you’re feeling inspired to bring yourself to tip-top shape. Find pleasure in the day-to-day activities that make you feel healthier and more rejuvenated. Embrace a new way of organizing and dispersing your energy throughout your daily life. Although life may seem intense right now, you know you’re on the verge of a major breaking point. A transformation is cooking up, and this week, you may begin to understand the terms of what comes next.


You’re building up a creative storm this week. The world is yours to enjoy, because after all, this world is nothing but a playground. You have every right to take up space, and this week, you may feel a strong desire to express yourself. Whether through romantic declarations or through artistic mediums, you’re excited to make sense of your feelings. And as you understand what you love about life, you’re also understanding what you love about the people you share it with.


This week, you may feel drawn to the spaces and the people that make you feel like you belong. You’re craving a sense of love, protection, and familiarity, so nurture the part of your life that feels warm and unconditional. Nurture whatever makes you think of the word “home”. However, home doesn’t become a home unless you put effort into it, and this week, you’re learning so much about how to dedicate yourself to something more deeply.


Your mind is tingling with energy this week and your ability to solve problems and connect the dots is stronger than ever. Embrace social interactions that titillate your imagination and follow the spark that’s leading you down a path to even better ideas. Keep mulling things over, because you may concoct something game-changing. In fact, you may be on the verge of creating an artistic masterpiece, because you’re experimenting without inhibition.

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This week, you’re in a brilliant position to make more money. Embrace new ways of bringing in extra dough, because you’re attracting abundance left and right. You’re also feeling more sensual, so don’t forget to do things that excite your human senses. Even lighting your favorite candle makes all the difference. And as you get reacquainted with the things that ground you, it will leave you feeling more connected with the roots that uphold you. Embrace love and security.


This week, you’re stepping into your power. You’re realizing what it is about you that draws people in and you’re using it to your advantage. You’re embracing your ability take something and transform it into something else completely, because you’re capable of doing whatever it takes. And as you tap into who you *really* are, you’re also activating the thoughts and ideas that align with your inner voice. Speak these ideas into existence.


You’re feeling connected to your inner world this week. In fact, you may be soaking up every last drop of alone time, because you’re discovering so much during moments of solitude. Explore your daydreams, jot your thoughts down, and meditate on the energy you’d like to bring into your life, because you’re manifesting it at a high frequency. Your spirituality is inherently connected to your rationality, so embrace a stronger connection between your mind and your heart.


Your social life is popping off this week, so take advantage of opportunities to swim in new ponds and meet some new fish. Generate intellectual electricity with others and bring people together. Follow your instinct to create a beautiful space in which everyone feels welcomed and inspired. You’re leading the charge and everyone is looking to you for guidance. Share your wisdom and embrace everything you have to offer, because the world needs you.