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The Full Moon In Leo Will Inspire You To Bring Your Artistic Vision To Life

Shine bright like a diamond.

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Although the full moon is as familiar to you as breathing, every full moon is a unique experience. As you feel the weight of its mystical essence flowing through the atmosphere, you know something meaningful is about to take place. As it increases the emotional stakes, the full moon always shines a light on the truth and encourages you to embrace change. And every time this powerful lunation take places, you just *know* something is about to go down. Get ready, because the spiritual meaning of the February 2022 full “Snow” Moon does not disappoint.

The full moon is always the most pivotal moment of the 28-day lunar cycle. This is when the moon — ruler of your inner self — forms an exact opposition with the sun — ruler of your outer self — forcing you to see something you’re not fully aware of. As the moon guards your secrets, the sun shines a light on what you want others to see. As the moon nurtures your emotional side, the sun motivates your ego. And it’s during a full moon that this inner conflict reaches a breaking point, forcing you to take charge one way or another. Embrace the process, because it always leads to growth.

Every full moon is given its own name based on the month in which it takes place. The one that occurs every February is known as the “Snow Moon” and its meaning is as straightforward as it sounds. According to Farmer’s Almanac, this full moon gets its moniker from the fact that February is the month that experiences the most snowfall in the Northern Hemisphere. However, the astrological implications of this full moon go far beyond the weather. In fact, it could be one of the most important full moons of 2022.

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When Is The February 2022 Full "Snow" Moon In Leo?

The upcoming Snow Moon takes place on Feb. 16 at 11:56 a.m. ET and rises in mighty and majestic Leo. This fixed fire sign is connected to your creativity and the way you choose to have fun. There’s nothing Leo loves more than self-expression, so celebrate this full moon by getting on stage and making a colorful mess. The experience will reconnect you with your inner child, so let the most youthful part of your personality show you how to create without inhibition. Let this full moon show you what truly inspires you, because it’s time to show the world your artistic vision.

However, there’s a lot more depth to this full moon than meets the eye. It may even present you with a major decision that needs to be made. As the sun in Aquarius, the moon in Leo, and the North Node in Taurus form a grand cross, this full moon could very will be what sets a series of significant events into motion. And although you have options, it may feel like every choice comes with its own caveats. As the North Node brings you closer to your ultimate destiny, this full moon may bring a simmering conflict to a boiling point. Look inside your heart, because you already know what move you’re ready to make next. For now, all you need to do be brave enough to take action. And remember — if you leap, the universe will always be there to catch you.

Either way, you’re feeling enthusiastic about what the future holds. This full moon takes place while poetic Venus and passionate Mars will form a conjunction in Capricorn. This steadying, yet stimulating energy will re-instill your hunger for life, reminding you of all the abundance at your fingertips. Partake in all the pleasure that makes it worthwhile.

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